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Dove Hair al Rescate

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“Este articulo es parte de una colaboración con Dove Hair”

Estamos casi a punto de finalizar el año y quería compartirles una experiencia reciente que tuve con mi cabello. Como muchos saben, una de las partes preferidas de mi trabajo es experimentar con productos y marcas. Es importante …

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How to use temporary hair color

Changing your hair color can be a big deal if you have never done it before. Permanently dying your hair can be damaging for your locks and you might end up not liking it, which will end up in you dying your hair again and harming it once again. Long story short, none of us …

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Bob Haircut: Why is everyone obsessed with this hairstyle?

Yes! Everyone you know is already rocking the “Bob Haircut” … The good news is that you can pull it off too!  Just keep reading this article and find out why you should be giving the Bob a chance 😉 Are you ready to try this elegant and famous hairstyle?

The bob haircut is the …

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Give your hair (and Yourself) a Break

When you are tired, all you can think about is taking a nap and giving your body some rest. Same thing happens when your hair is fragile and brittle, it definitely needs a break. Your hair is capable of expressing your personality in a number of ways, but sometimes it is necessary to give it …

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Tips for Maintaining Beautiful Long Hair

Looking to keep long hair healthy and beautiful?

Even though long hair looks fresh and beautiful on any girl, there are many pitfalls when managing your rapunzel locks. When I was 15 years old, my hair was short (not exactly short, I would say medium length). I really wanted to keep long hair for my …

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How to fix dry hair

Need to fix dry hair?

Blow dries, regular coloring, climate changes and other factors can affect your hair negatively. I’m always exposing my hair to heat and coloring products that keep my hair dry and dull. Last time I dyed my hair, my beauty stylist recommended me a hair mask by Kérastase. I decided to …

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How to remove facial hair with Remington

A common problem all women face is facial hair removal. That is the reason why the shaver was invented, it works amazing, it takes away all of your hair, it is a cheap method but, there is one problem: once we use the shaver, our hair will grow thicker and thicker and that has become …

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How to make a Turban using a scarf in 6 easy steps

Hi guys!!! Some of you asked where I got the turban from my previous OOTD, and I thought: Why not showing people how to make a turban? So I recreated the scene and brought you six easy steps on how to create your own and unique turban! All you need …

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Braided Bun

Everytime I’m having bad hair days I usually go by the regular ponytail or just a bun. I have to say hair buns are my favorite because I have a lot of hair, so when it gets messy, the hair bun will make it look great. Sometimes I get bored of the same bun, so …

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