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How to make a Turban using a scarf in 6 easy steps

Hi guys!!! Some of you asked where I got the turban from my previous OOTD, and I thought: Why not showing people how to make a turban? So I recreated the scene and brought you six easy steps on how to create your own and unique turban! All you need is a scarf! Yes, as simple as that; choose your favorite scarf and you are set! You can even wear all the turbans you want for different ocassions depending on your scarves pattern. It’s easy, fun and you’ll have a turban for every situation! So go ahead and try 🙂


how to make a turban

Photography by: Lucia Urrutia

I hope you guys try this out and you can always send me pictures of your unique turban created from a scarf so I can post them on the social networks! Have a great day and stay tuned for more ideas 🙂


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