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Fashion Instagrammers you SHOULD be following right now!

You probably think you are already following everyone you need to know, but if you are a fashion lover and you are not following any of the accounts shown below, you need to start now!


1) Armina Mevlani

Our first fashionista is one of the most beautiful women in the world as she was Miss Albania 2009! This gorgeous girl participated in different beauty pageants like Miss World while she was working for a fashion magazine as editor in chief! She also hosted Dancing with the Stars and has made tons of brand commercials including one for Dolce & Gabbana. Do I have to say more? Armina now has her own fashion blog where she shares her personal style, beauty tips and travel adventures!

Ohh my how much i love this #rock shoot !! #Hoodie and boots from @vetements_official ,underwear @wolford .Pic @endritmertiri

Una publicación compartida de Armina Mevlani (@armina_mevlani) el

2) Raquel Canas

From El Salvador, Raquel is not only a fashionista by heart, but she is also a lawyer, wife and mom! She has become one of the most influential fashion bloggers in her country and Central America. Her trendy and feminine style has captivated her Instagram followers as well as her well organized and minimalist Instagram feed. She started her blog six years ago along with Maria Jose (another fashionista). Check out “Our favorite Style” here!  

Fav summer bag!

Una publicación compartida de Raquel Cañas (@raquelcanas) el

3) Cristina Maag

Our favorite front row addict had to be in this list! Cristina is a Swiss-Ecuadorian fashionista and ambassador of recognized brands such as Tiffany & Co. and Salvatore Ferragamo. After working in different cities around the world, she came back to her native country and founded “Front Row” to inspire others through her authentic style and promote Hispanic fashion. We love Cristina’s intagram feed because she goes to every single fashion show and who doesn’t want to be on the front row watching our favorite designers and top models? Go follow her account and get inspired with our lovely Cris! Don’t forget to check out her blog here!

4) Michelle Chwoschtschinsky

From Venezuela, we have Michelle, founder and creator of “Something Hippie” a platform where she wants to inspire her readers to pursue their dreams and self-confidence. Michelle not only shares her love for fashion but also her spirituality through her Instagram posts but we also love her travel adventures! She lives in Miami and has collaborated with many Hispanic celebrities by doing brand campaigns and commercials. Don’t forget to check out Something Hippie here!


People will match their hats with their sneakers and their purses with their shoes. But won’t match their words with their actions || @thestaycationers @iorane ????: @simplylively


Una publicación compartida de Michelle Chwoschtschinsky (@somethinghippie) el

5) Atenas Hernandez

Atenas is a Honduran goddess living in Dominican Republic. Her passion for fashion and traveling has made her Instagram account one of our favorites as she has become one of the most influential bloggers in Latin America! We are not only obsessed with her Instagram but her Snapchat is also captivating her audience. Go follow her adventures along with her lovely Lola and her beautiful baby girl. And don’t forget to check out her blog here!

6) Bianca Derhy

Bianca also called “Bibi” is half-French, quarter American and quarter Italian. Yes! we have a lot of nationalities here. She founded “Bibi goes chic” two years ago and after the success of her blog she decided to launch her own digital magazine named “Bibi Goes Chic Magazine”. She has done important collaborations with well established brands such as ASOS, Kurt Geiger, Monica Vinader, Alfredo Villalba and G-Shock to name a few and has attended to the most important fashion shows around the world! Go check out her website where you’ll find her style, fashion shows and magazine!


✨????✨ #liketkit


Una publicación compartida de Bianca (@bibigoeschic) el

7) Monica Hill

This Brazilian beauty used to work as a model when she lived in New York for seven years; over there, she obtained her first job in the fashion industry. After that, she started her own blog “Glam by Moni” giving fashion advice to all her readers. She is now living in Florida with her husband and kids. Her bikini body and sense of fashion has made her one of our favorite people to follow on Instagram! Don’t forget to check out her blog here!

8) Lucia Ugarte

Lucia is an Argentinean TV host and producer of “Chicas Guapas TV” which is an online magazine with more than 500,000 viewers per month. She has been selected as ambassador for brands such as Baume et Mercier & La Prairie. Lucia’s Instagram and social accounts are so much fun because she is always traveling and showing her favorite spots and places so don’t forget to check them out as well as her website


#DiarioDeProducción •Trabajar con marcas como @givenchyargentina es envolverte en un mundo exquisito, repleto de glamour y sofisticación donde sus productos son “perfectos” (como el Rouge y Base que llevan este mismo nombre).• El martes pasado tuve el lujo de conversar con @ndegennes, Makeup and Colour Aristic Director de @givenchybeauty. Un gentleman extremadamente carismático que tiene bien en claro cómo inspirar y motivar a las mujeres. Les comparto el mensaje con el cual cerró su presentación de la nueva colección #GivenchyNoirCouture y los invito a entrar en @chicasguapastv para ver la entrevista exclusiva que le hicimos: “El color que utilizamos es importante en la vida, en la educación. No tengan miedo. Ámense a ustedes mismas. No se juzguen. Amen con sus corazones y si ustedes hablan con el corazón, todo el mundo los va a escuchar. Amen a su familia. Al de al lado. Pero nunca se olviden de amar al que está adentro de ustedes.”❤️ ¡Ahora a terminar las maletas porque mañana salimos ???? de viaje a Miami junto a @agusdandri y @locasxelmundo y vamos a compartirles todas nuestras experiencias fitness y fashionistas desde la ciudad mágica✨! L* Merci a todo el team de @zelmirakcomunicacion & @givenchyargentina, ¡y felicitaciones por lograr un encuentro tan perfecto como su colección! Dress @auandreaurquizu MUA @joaquinlpatterson Clutch @tentroya PH @pierreolivares #Givenchy #GivenchyAr #GivenchyArgentina #GivenchyEvent #Luxury #Lifestyle #Beauty #GivenchyBeauty #Event #ChicasGuapas #ActitudChicaGuapa


Una publicación compartida de Lucia Ugarte del Campo (@lucia_ugarte) el

9) Ulia Pillmore

Ulia Ali is the founder of “”. She is a true Renaissance woman passionate about literature, theatre, history and art as she is about beauty and fashion. Her style is unpredictable as she is – sometimes conservative and chic and sometimes just wild and trendy! Whatever her mood is, there is one thing I’m certain about, we love her insta feed and can’t stop following her journeys! Ready to learn more about her? Go follow her and check out her website here.

Coachella Outfit 1 ???? ——- Первый образ Coachella ???? Una publicación compartida de In Vilnius, Lithuania • Ulia (@uliaali) el

10) Camila Villamil

From Bogota, Colombia, Camila is the CEO and founder of fashion, lifestyle and beauty blog “So-Sophisticated“. Her elegant and chic sense of fashion has made her a target for all fashionistas looking for inspiration. She recently created an app called “Be Sophisticated” that works as a personal shopper and stylist and it is completely free (You can download the app in Google Play, I already did ;) ). She uses fashion as an excuse to travel and you can find her daily outfits in her blog and Instagram account!


???? #BOGFW ???? @walkscapades look: @nicolabogota • Tap for details • #SoSophisticated #BeSophisticated


Una publicación compartida de So Sophisticated (@camilavillamiln) el

11) Natassia Capra

From Costa Rica, we have a beautiful blogger (who used to be a model) with a classy style who likes to give her outfits a twist once in a while! Natti is also a graphic designer and she has been blogging for more than a year now. We recently saw her instagram pictures traveling around the globe and enjoying some of the best shows in New York Fashion Week along with other celebrity bloggers. Even though her blog is still new, she has caught the attention of many national brands. Don’t forget to check out her blog!

Amo los domingos y las flores! ???????????? Una publicación compartida de Natassia Capra Chamorro (@natassiacapra) el

12) Sorel Munoz

Sorel is a fashion journalist, TV presenter and founder of “Fashion District Guatemala“.  Her mission is to empower women and teach them how to dress according to their body type. Her blog was created to encourage a fashion culture in Guatemala through a virtual platform showcasing Guatemalan talent. Her glamorous and sophisticated style is something you don’t want to miss in your Instagram feed!


Uno de mis looks favoritos para empezar el dia ???? . . . . Outfit:@almacenessiman #FashionBySiman #latinblogger #fashiondistrictguatemala #streetstyle #ootd #wiw


Una publicación compartida de Sorel Muñoz Najarro (@sorel_fashiondistrictgt) el

13) Priscilla Rodriguez

Yes another Priscilla! But this time we are talking about a Puerto Rican top model who just started her own Instagram account with lots of fashion and lifestyle content. Even though her account is brand new and small, Priscilla has a lot of potential as she has modeled for many prestigious designers in Puerto Rico and is considered one of the most talented and beautiful models in her country, doing fashion and beauty campaigns for big brands.

#tb to Brooklyn ✨ thanks to @yonatansoler ???? #nyc #sfz #nycstyle #brooklyn #oneteaspoon #nude #denim #manhattanbridge #nyc Una publicación compartida de By Priscilla Rodriguez✨ (@stressfreezone_) el

Are we missing someone? Yes, Me!!! How come I didn’t make it to my own list? Lol


Don’t forget to follow me for more updates, news, fashion tips, stories and more cool accounts to follow on Instagram!


New to Budgeting? This is why “Make me Chic” will help your economy

There always comes a time when you need to evaluate your finances and decide whether or not fashion should keep playing a role in your monthly expenses. If you are a fashionista as I think you are because you were triggered about reading this post, then let me help you keep your budget in line while adding new stuff to your closet. As a fashion blogger, content creator and fashion addict, I’m always trying out new products, experiencing new stores/companies and telling you which experiences were the ones I enjoyed the most and simply not talking about the ones I didn’t enjoy unless you ask me about a specific brand in a message or comment, and I will tell you my honest opinion.


There is something you need to know when purchasing products: ALWAYS COMPARE PRICE & QUALITY. There are many cheap products out there but if they aren’t high quality then you are not really saving money and you’ll keep having problems with your little piggy. I decided to talk about “Make me Chic” because I purchased some items from this business and I liked what I got. I feel like the price/quality relationship here is a great one and for only $80 I was able to get more good quality products than I usually get at other stores. The best of all, they seriously have the latest trends and so many cute accessories!!!

If you are crazy about purses and shoes, then that’s your store! They literally have every cute little bag I want :) and let me tell you, I didn’t have any issues with the shipping (FIY) ;) The very first thing I got at Make me Chic was the jacket I’m wearing in the photo shown above and you can find it here too. I ordered it around March because there was gonna be a very cold week that month and I’m usually all black when it comes to my outwear so I wanted to do something different so I tried that one and I absolutely loved it!

LOOKING FOR THE LATEST TRENDS AT AFFORDABLE PRICES WITHOUT DAMAGING YOUR ECONOMY? You already know where to find them! Check out more pictures of my fur jacket below!

1478807670032833294 (2)

1478807671195593608 (2)

1478807672313330241 (2)

Let me know what you think about this new addition to my closet and don’t forget to subscribe to my newsletter for more updates on budget friendly fashion stores ;)


Til next blog,


10 Things every mom should have in her purse

Are you a newly mom or somehow a busy mom who always keeps forgetting to add stuff to your purse? Yes… I’ve been there and it almost took me four years to finally have my purse ready whenever I need to go out.

purse essentials for momsedit

My daughter is almost five and trust me, experience has taught me that it’s never too late to keep learning when it comes to motherhood. My first two years as a mom, I always carried 2 bags: one with my personal stuff and another one just for the baby. As my little pumpkin was growing up and learning new things, the baby bag became unnecessary; on the other hand, my personal bag was getting bigger and bigger since I needed to carry stuff for both of us.


I’ve been wanting to blog about this because I would love to transmit my experiences to new moms and get to help them in any way I can :) but I guess I wasn’t truly prepared in the past few years because I kept forgetting and/or adding new things to my purse. Now I can say, I’m pretty satisfied with all the things I carry on my purse and I’m ready to share them with y’all! I’ve prepared a list of essentials every mom should have in her purse and I hope this will help you right now or in a near future!

Mommies pay attention! This is what you should have in your purse:

1. Cash

If you are a credit card no-cash type of person, I understand (I’m one of those), but whenever you go out with your little one there always comes a time when he/she asks for an ice cream or a snowball at the park or any small business that doesn’t take credit cards. It is always nice to share that special moment with your kids because you will both appreciate it.

2. Entertainment

Always carry a toy, a tablet or even a little notebook with a set of crayons. This will help you during situations like traffic, long lines, etc.

3. A second outfit

With kids, you never know what might happen. They sweat easily, can get dirty while eating, etc. Bringing a second outfit will keep you prepared. Try to pack light and don’t forget to bring a trash bag for the first outfit.

4. Wipes

Wipes are necessary for cleaning pretty much everything, they’ll be helpful for both you and your kids. Huggies Baby Wipes are great for all age groups and all types of skin at less than $3.

5. Snacks

Bring a small snack for you and your kid. Try to keep something healthy that can also bring both of you energy.

6. Water bottle

Keeping your kiddie hydrated is important, especially because they are in constant activity.

7. Hand sanitizer

This product is a must have in case your children forgot to wash their hands or the bathroom ran out of soap. You can also keep a hand cream that will act as a sanitizer while keeping your kid’s hand moisturized. Nivea Smooth Sensation will be great for both you and your child since it works with all types of skin, acting as a hand cream and moisturizer.

8. Sunscreen protector

La Roche-Posay Anthelios Dermo-Pediatrics is a great water-roof sunscreen protector for kids with a high level of protection, preventing their skin from drying up. This product is ideal for kids with sensitive skin.

9. First Aid Kit

Kids love to play and accidents might happen, so you wanna keep a small first aid kit with band-aids, and medication in case your kid has any allergies. Don’t forget to add nail clippers to your kit!

10. Small package of tissues

These always come in handy so don’t forget them!


Besides these essential things every mom needs to have in her purse, we also carry a makeup bag, keys, wallet, phone and what we usually had in our bag before we became moms. With all these things, we obviously need a big purse, so it wouldn’t hurt to check out some of the trendiest purses for moms and find the one that best suits our needs and style ;)

Travel Beauty Essentials for this summer 2017

Packing is the hardest part of traveling, especially when it comes to bringing along all your beauty products without missing any single one!

purse essentials for mom2edit

Whether you are going to a long trip or a 2 hour flight, it is important to be prepared and bring all those products that will definitively help you enjoy your travel experience even better. Traveling is one of my favorite activities ever; however, the waiting time at the airport and plane is not something I personally enjoy. For that reason I try to have everything ready just in case there is any delay or whenever I have long flights.

I usually download 2-3 movies and online magazines to keep myself entertained, so that part is always covered lol. When it comes to packing my beauty products, there is always a dilemma: I  need most of them in my carry-on but I cannot have them all with me! Here is where I have to decide which products are needed and which ones can go to my luggage. After many years and several trips, I finally came up with a list of the top beauty products I must have in my carry-on and I decided to blog about this because I’ll be traveling this summer and this article can help me make a list and organize myself before I start packing ;) plus it could be helpful if you are traveling soon!

Here are 15 Beauty Essentials I’ll be packing in my carry-on next time I travel:

1)MEDIBLANC Toothpaste & Inava Sensibilité Toothbrush

Collage PicMonkeytt

2)Kloraine Avoine Dry Shampoo


3) Steblanc Essence Sheet Face Mask


4) Clarins Cleanser


5) Clinique Line Smoothing Concealer


6) Avene SunMineral Compact Foundation


7) Eslove (My travel companion everywhere)

Photo Mar 06, 8 36 31 AM

8) Avene Thermale


9) Shiseido Spray Deodorant


10) Almay Mascara


11) Hand sanitizer


12) Lip balm


13) Neutrogena Wipes


14) Travel Manicure Kit


15) Hair brush


Are you applying your eye cream the right way?

The eye contour is one of the areas of your face where signs of aging are made visible more quickly. For that reason, it is important to find the right eye contour product that moisturizes the skin of this area and gives you a brighter and younger look. Just as important as finding the appropriate product, is the technique you use! In this article we will show you how to apply the eye cream correctly, since the effectiveness of this treatment depends largely on how you apply it. If you are going to spend money on a miraculous under-eye area product, shouldn’t you know how to apply this product correctly?

The skin around your eyes is drier compared to the rest of the facial skin. Our eyes move with facial movements like smiling or blinking. These movements along with excessive exposure to the sun, contamination and aging cause fine lines known as crow’s feet around the eyes. A good application of cream for the contour of the eyes, gives them a younger and smoother appearance; at the same time, it prevents and treats lines of expression and wrinkles.


One thing you MUST know before learning how to apply your eye cream is: DO NOT USE YOUR FINGERS! Even though you are a clean freak and wash your hands every 10 minutes, there will always be the risk of bacteria from your hands (remember that the skin of your eye contour are is extremely sensitive). Using your fingers also means, a substantial amount of the product will go there and not to the skin under your eyes.  . So from now on, DO NOT apply under-eye treatments using your fingers!

Having said this, we can now tell you the right way to apply your eye cream in three simple steps!

1. Cleanse the skin with your usual cleanser, tonic or moisturizer

2. Use an applicator (sometimes it comes with the product or it’s part of the tube or you have to purchase it separately) and apply one drop to each eye.


Examples of applicators

We highly recommend Avene Skin Care Soothing Eye Contour Cream, A-Derma Rheacalm Soothing Eye Cream and Givenchy Le Soin Noir Black Eye Cream among some of the best eye creams.

3. Massage the area under your eyes after applying the product and voila!

The most stylish & practical purses for moms

Are you a mom in the search of the trendiest purses for this 2017? This is your lucky day!

purse essentials for moms1234

When we become moms, we tend to forget that dedicating time to ourselves is necessary. The baby bag becomes our main accessory and we start saying goodbye to all those beautiful purses we used to crave for before. Let me tell you a little secret: there is a way you can be a mom and still use that gorgeous bag you saw online last week. After tons of research and a little help from fashion experts, here is a complete list of the most stylish and practical purses for moms! This list has it all: perfect size, great colors, fabric that won’t let baby food leave stains, practicality, style and best of all, they are available online and you can shop them from this article by clicking on the one that best suits your needs!

Ready to get started!? Because I am!


Don’t forget to leave a comment below telling me which one is your fave!

Til next blog


Everyone is getting the “Bob Haircut”

Yes! Everyone you know is already rocking the “Bob Haircut” … The good news is that you can pull it off too!  Just keep reading this article and find out why you should be giving the Bob a chance ;) Are you ready to try this elegant and famous hairstyle?Taylor-Swift-4

The bob haircut is the most popular haircut we will see this spring/summer season and there is a really good reason why you’ll love this hairstyle: it is versatile, easy to maintain and also gives you all the style you want. The “bob” gives you the perfect length and is long enough to pick it up in a ponytail, braid or bun. The bob has become more and more popular and yes… It is a short cut … quite short, but I believe we all can handle a new change, especially if it makes you look renovated and fresh!

If your hair has been chemically treated, it’s damaged and needs urgent treatment, this hairstyle might be the solution! Removing dead hair from your tips will automatically heal your hair without purchasing expensive treatments. Now you just have to choose the haircut you like best and try a new look showing off your healthy locks. Take a look at these gorgeous options and be amazed at how fabulous your hair can look.

1. Bob with bangs


2. Short Bob


3. Long Bob or “Lob”


4. Wavy Bob


5. Straight Bob


6. Asymmetric Bob


7. Side Bangs Bob


8. Choppy Bob


9. Pixie Cuts Bob


Photo credits: Pinterest

Whether you want your bob hair with bangs, longer or shorter, that will be up to you! Although keeping this hairstyle will be easier than any other, don’t forget to maintain a routine including your shampoo, conditioner, hair mask and hair oil. Orofluido Beauty is a great oil for all types of hair. You can also try out the Kerastase Chronologiste if you want an scented oil for your hair plus extra nourishing, or try Alfaparf Milano for smooth and shiny hair!

Til’ next blog


Coachella Beauty Packing List: Essentials for your crossbody

Music Festival time has arrived and the biggest music fest in the US started today! Yes, we are talking about Coachella. A month ago, I told you about my very first music fest experience at the Buku project in the city of New Orleans. Since my crew and I were inexperienced at the whole music fest atmosphere, we really didn’t know what to bring or what to expect so we kind of improvised which went surprisingly well, but we wished there was a guide we could have used, specially for the girls.

Victoria's best22

I decided to write this article and help out all those girls who are going to Coachella for the first time to make sure they don’t forget some of the beauty essentials they will need in their crossbody or whatever they decide to bring to this 2-weekend event!

1. A month ago the weather was nice, so I didn’t have to worry about sunburn; but this isn’t the case for Coachella, so you will definitely need a sunscreen protector. Garnier Ambre Solaire Golden Protect is the perfect oil that protects your skin against the sun. It also comes in a convenient size for your purse.


2. Refresh your face and body with Vichy Eau Thermale. Besides setting up your make up, this thermal water will refresh your face and soothe irritated skin caused by the sun. To learn more about the benefits of thermal water click here.


3. Your hair needs to be revitalized too! Batiste Fragrance Original is an affordable and great dry shampoo that will keep your hair in shape during these agitated days.


4. Don’t forget to bring your InvisiBobble Traceless Hair Ring Hair boots. I prefer these hair rings than the traditional hair elastic bands because they firmly tie your hair the whole day without leaving traces or breaking your hair.


5. Wet Brush Squirts Happy Hair Brush will keep your hair in place.


6. Uriage Hygiène Hand Cream is a MUST in this list and I don’t need to tell you why ;)


7. Vichy Deodorant 48Hr Anti – Perspirant, No White Marks & Yellow Stains


8. Gillette Venus Disposable Razors  


9. Protect your lips with Piz Buin Lipstick Lip Balm. This product will keep your lips hydrated and protected from the sun.


10. Last but not least, bring your #ESLOVE with you! You need to smell good through this 2 weekend event ;) and since Eslove was pretty popular at Buku, I figured it needed to be in this list!

Photo Mar 06, 8 36 31 AM

Don’t forget to include your favorite lipstick, foundation powder, mascara and you’ll be ready! I hope this list was helpful and I invite you to check out my vlog on my first music fest experience at Buku fest… I promise you are gonna like it!

Why are mermaid tail blankets so popular?

We all still remember our childhood; we remember the freedom of being young, and the imagination that came with it.  I know many of you still recall the famous movie The Little Mermaid, which began the mermaid trend in the late 80s, pushing through the 90s. For those of you who do not know, I am excited to say that the mermaid trend is back, and it is hotter than ever! There are many items available right at this moment relating to this trend, but there is now one item that is in fact flourishing the Internet! The new popular item to have is the mermaid tail blanket!


I know what some of you may be thinking, why are these blankets so popular? Well, I will tell you! These mermaid tail blankets are the best, and they are like no other. Remember yourself as that little girl, who wanted so badly to swim off with Ariel under the sea. These blankets will allow you to feel young again! You can squirm your feet into the fantasy of being a mermaid, while still feeling extremely warm and comfy in a soft hand knitted fabric. These mermaid blankets for women come in many fashionable colors, different sizes, and they look so pretty when wearing one.





Ladies, this hot item can be a great gift idea for your friends, your sisters, and even for the little girls that have the same mermaid obsession you once did! Finding where to buy one of these awesome new stylish blankets is not very hard. There are many of the best mermaid tail blankets available at Bed Bath and Beyond! You can also find a bunch of different mermaid blankets on Amazon at low prices! I now have a mermaid tail blanket, and I can honestly say that I will never want to use any other blanket! Ladies, do your selves a favor by going online, and purchasing the best mermaid tail blanket! I promise you, you will NOT regret it!

Photography by Pinterest


Written by Kacie Braud

Kacie Braud is currently attending to University of Louisiana. She is an English major with a minor in Broadcasting.


“My blog post was written as part of my collaboration with eBay.”


Between work, school and my personal life, dedicating time to my closet can be complicated. I’m usually a freak when it comes to organizing my wardrobe and planning new outfits for different occasions, but even when I come up with the most perfect schedule for each week, I always need help! Even people with a more flexible schedule need help finding products, so they usually ask me to assist them with their shopping needs.

I have some friends who work exclusively as personal shoppers. If I need a red dress for the next “Red Ballroom Dance” for example, they will look for dresses in different stores and find some options that would fit my style and personality and send me pictures so I can choose the “one”. However I have two issues with this strategy: my friends live in different cities/states & it probably takes them more than 1 day to find all those alternatives for me :(

Luckily for me and for all of you, I found the perfect solution to all of our problems: eBay ShopBot. This new app has become a life saver and my very personal shopping assistant, and all you need is Facebook messenger to start using it! Please don’t tell me you are not on Facebook because I won’t believe it lol. Every time I need to find a specific product, all I have to do is get on Facebook messenger and chat with eBay ShopBot. Let me tell you how it works so you can start taking advantage of this absolutely free shopping assistant!

1. First of all, download the Facebook messenger app for IOS or Android (If you plan to use ShopBot in your phone). You can also access Facebook messenger from your desktop computer by login into your Facebook account; or click this link and follow the steps described in the link. I personally like to use the Facebook messenger app from my Ipad because it is always more convenient and it has a bigger screen than my phone ;)

Photo Mar 26, 7 42 49 PM

2. Once you clicked on the link, it will redirect you to your Facebook messenger automatically and a conversation with Ebay ShopBot will be opened. To get started, all you have to do is chat with your personal shopper as if you were chatting with one of your friends (as easy as that) You can say hello or get started :)

Photo Mar 26, 6 49 20 PM (1)

If you are a first time user, eBay ShopBot will give you three options:

1) Chat

This option will let you ask eBay ShopBot what you are looking for, just type what you need and your personal shopper will find alternatives for you!

Photo Mar 26, 7 56 05 PM

eBay ShopBot will find products that match your budget, style and brand preferences!

Once you found something that matches your criteria and you want to keep looking for something else, simply type “stop” or “start over” and ask your personal shopping assistant for help once again.

2) Image Search

This option will allow you to send an image, just like if you were sending your friends pictures of last night ;) and eBay ShopBot will find results similar to your picture! You can use a picture you took with your phone or any picture fom Pinterest or the internet overall, just make sure the picture doesn;t have busy backgrounds so that eBay ShopBot can focus on a single product when looking for the best possible alternatives.

Photo Mar 26, 7 59 35 PM


3) Browse

When you type the word “browse”, eBay ShopBot will automatically put together collections of eBay’s best items so you can check out the best deals and products eBay has to offer.

Photo Mar 26, 8 03 13 PM

When you use your personal shopping assistant again, you can type in any word (I usually say “hello” or “hi” and he will ask you “what are you looking for” giving you 2 alternatives:

- Something specific

Photo Mar 26, 8 11 19 PM

- Inspiration

Photo Mar 26, 8 12 00 PM

Or you could type in the words previously mentioned before “chat”, “image search” and “browse and have the alternatives shown above.

Over time eBay ShopBot learns more about you & your style and will start to make suggestions. You can also create your own “size profile” and save sizes and then ShopBot will remember your sizes.

Instructions: Click ShopBot > Click Pofile > Click Size Profile and then customize

Once you start using eBay ShopBot, and get familiar with this new and “free” personal shopping assistant, I’m pretty sure you will never have more problems finding any product! So far, I’ve taken full advantage of my BFF #eBayShopBot and I already purchased a couple things I was looking for! I’ll show you some of them very soon in my social media! ;)

Don’t forget to tell me what you think about this new app in the comments below!