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It’s safe to say that denim is a classic, and having a denim dress in your closet is the best thing you can do if you love fashion and want to keep your money saved. They never go out of style, they look amazing and best of all, they match with almost all shoes (highlight …

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What you should never wear to a wedding

The magic of weddings is universal. Every guest is determined to have fun and celebrate the union of their beloved friends. But going to a wedding also means getting a new dress. For some girls, it is hard to find the right dress. Some brides are more conservative than others, and as guests, all we …

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We’ve seen them all over Instagram and now it’s time to talk about them! The new sunglasses trends all fashion girls are wearing are here and we absolutely love them! From clear lenses to aviator shapes, I have a complete guide to the sunglass trends you’ll want to have for this summer season. After all, …

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New to Budgeting? This is why “Make me Chic” will help your economy

There always comes a time when you need to evaluate your finances and decide whether or not fashion should keep playing a role in your monthly expenses. If you are a fashionista as I think you are because you were triggered about reading this post, then let me help you keep your budget in line …

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What to wear on Valentine’s Day

Hello my dear ladies! With Valentine’s day approaching, it was about time to post some valentines day outfit ideas for that incredible date you’ll have with your lover. Whether you are going to an expensive dinner at a five stars hotel or to a cooking session with your boyfriend at his place, you need to …

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8 Topshop Coats We’re Currently Obssesed with

Coat season is here! I can already see your excitement face … One of my favorite parts of this season wearing a beautiful and stylish coat. I bet your jackets and and coat are ready to come out of the closet. Hot tea, orange leaves and a cold breeze will be the main characters of …

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What If I told you this new trend will slim your waist?

What If I told you there is a way to slim your waist while looking fashionable? Yes…Rumors are true…Corsets are back but not as part of your lingerie collection, you can now wear corset on a daily basis! From runways to super models, corset tops are booming the fashion sphere, becoming one of the hottest …

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Trendy Boots for Fall-Winter 2016

Summer is officially over and it’s time to shop one of the hottest accesories for this cold season: boots! This fall-winter 2016, high knee boots are one of the most popular styles along with the legendary leather boots. Finding a pair that matches your style can be a long process, but I’ve gathered the best …

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Most Popular Halloween Costumes of 2016

Even though Halloween is originally a US tradition, it has slowly become a worldwide custom we all enjoy. This 2016, we have experienced different events that inspired us to share with you some of the best halloween costumes ideas.

Looking for the best Halloween costumes?

From TV shows to our favorite …

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Simple Yet Stylish Women’s Boots for Valentine’s Day

The pinnacle event of February is upon us. This signifies the frantic pace of people booking dinner reservations at high-end restaurants, picking the perfect pair of shoes that match their outfits, and finding the best gifts for their significant others. Valentine’s Day creates an aura of excitement where women get to …

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