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Give your hair (and Yourself) a Break

When you are tired, all you can think about is taking a nap and giving your body some rest. Same thing happens when your hair is fragile and brittle, it definitely needs a break. Your hair is capable of expressing your personality in a number of ways, but sometimes it is necessary to give it a break from all the outside elements that might threaten your beautiful locks. This is when an Aussie shampoo came to save me; but I’ll tell you all about it in this post.

If you have a hectic schedule like mine, then you are definitely in need for high quality products that can deliver fast results. Between two jobs, school and being a mom, taking care of my personal image isn’t easy; especially when it comes to my hair.

You might think that caring too much about your appearance is superficial; but let me tell you that a good first impression can even help you nail your future job interview. When you work, you need to look presentable and professional. Let’s be honest, damaged hair isn’t part of any decent attire for work; especially if you work on public relations or any job that requires yourself dealing with clients.

aussie shampoo

Learn how an Aussie shampoo changed the game for me

You know how much I love experimenting with different brands and products to see which one is the best fit for me. As women we never stop trying out beauty related products. There will always be a new brand that catches our attention and we want to know if it will be better than the one we are currently using, am I right? Part of me is always doing research on the best products available in the market. It is important to find a product that is high quality, provides fast results and is reasonably priced, and by reasonably priced I mean paying for a product that is worth its quality and benefits… that is how I discovered Aussie.

Aussie has been around since the 70’s; introducing one of the most successful treatments for dry hair. After the introduction of the 3 Minute Miracle Conditioning Treatment, Aussie products became the bomb! I’ve known Aussie as a top of the mind brand when it comes to hair products, and it was that brand I’ve always wanted to try but I never did because I got used to the same brands. Since I started aging, my curiosity grew, and experimenting became naturally.

Since I attend to different events, work, conferences, and fashion weeks; my hair is always exposed to heating tools and coloring, which makes it harder to deal with. I ordered some Aussie hair products that I’m totally in love with! Do you want to know how is my hair after a few weeks of using this brand? My hair is feeling and looking so much better in such a short period of time that I’m amazed! Here is my Aussie personal hair treatment for damaged hair I want to tell you about!


Aussie Shampoo Collection

1) Aussie Total Miracle Collection 7N1 Shampoo

If you are looking for a split end treatment, this shampoo will save your life! It moisturizes your hair making it smooth and silky and you will see how your split ends will be vanished quickly!

2) Aussie Total Miracle Collection 7N1 Conditioner

This is seriously the best deep conditioner for natural hair I’ve ever tried! And I’m not exaggerating. It controls your frizz leaving your hair as soft as cotton candy and as bright as the sun.

3) Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Strong Conditioning Treatment

This dry hair treatment has made my hair so much stronger in a matter of weeks. It also protects my hair from damage (heat) acting as a deep conditioner.

4) Aussie Instant Freeze Sculpting Hair Gel

Whenever I want to style my hair without needing heating tools, I go for ponytails, braids and other hairstyles and this hair gel has helped me keep my locks in order. This is perfect for easy hair styles that don’t require a professional hand!

Giving yourself a break can also be translated into giving your hair a break, and to be honest, Aussie makes it so much easier. If you are a busy woman who wants to keep a healthy and beautiful hair, these products will be a life saver and you will not regret you read this article, trust me!!! I hope you enjoyed this post and don’t forget to tell me all about your experience with Aussie πŸ˜‰

This content was sponsored by Aussie but all thoughts and opinions are my own. I hope you enjoy following along! #ad

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