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Braided Bun

Everytime I’m having bad hair days I usually go by the regular ponytail or just a bun. I have to say hair buns are my favorite because I have a lot of hair, so when it gets messy, the hair bun will make it look great. Sometimes I get bored of the same bun, so I try different ways to wear it. Last time, I decided to do a braided bun and it came out just perfect! I absolutely loved the outcome so I would love to share it with you! To start with the tutorial, you just need two elastic bands and some pins.

1. Make a regular braid and secure it with an elastic band

braided bun

2. Take your braid and circle it around your hair tie

3. Secure the braid with some pins and that’s it!

I hope you guys liked this quick and easy hair tutorial and I’ll be happy to post more ideas for beautiful and easy hairstyles that can be done without irons or curlers. Stay tuned for more tips!


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