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How to use temporary hair color

Changing your hair color can be a big deal if you have never done it before. Permanently dying your hair can be damaging for your locks and you might end up not liking it, which will end up in you dying your hair again and harming it once again. Long story short, none of us want to experiment with our precious hair, which is why I’m happy to provide each of you with temporary solutions to change your look and make sure you like the results.

temporary hair color

Wanting a new hair color but not sure you’ll like the change?

What you need is temporary hair color. This is a fun and easy way to experiment while making sure there is no damage to your hair.

Not sure how to use temporary hair color?

Here is your guide! There are many different ways to use temporary hair color, but I’ll show you the top three techniques so you can choose the one that works best for you!

Temporary hair dye

It works just like a permanent color but it doesn’t penetrate deep into the hair cuticle; meaning, you can wash out your new color with 3 or 4 shampoos if you are not happy with it. The formula is pretty much like a permanent hair dye but much less chemicals. This will make sure your locks stay healthy and harm-free.

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Hair chalk

This hair trend emerged around two-three years ago and it is here to stay longer! Hair chalk lasts from 2-3 shampoos and it is easy to apply. Wet your hair before application and run the chalk wherever you want it. This technique gives you flexibility to create your own style and have control over your look.

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Colored Hairspray

Colored hairspray is hairspray with color! This is a popular technique around Halloween and one I’ve personally used before. Just like the hair chalk, it can last from 2-3 shampoos and application is easy. Just make sure to separate all those sections you do not want to color because hairspray isn’t as manageable as chalk.

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