Stylish Hand-Made Lace

Good Morning everyone! This year has gone so fast that we are already in february. You know what that means? A new outfit for our dudes fashion section! Today I have an old guest, he is very stylish, a jewerly fashion designer and guess what? He designed the lace shirt he is wearing on todays post! Do you remember him? I’m talking about Sergio Salmerón. He is the founder of Eko-Glam and, judging by his look, I can tell you he would be a great fashion designer because I’m in love with his shirt (click here to see Sergio’s first post on dudes fashion). Sergio was wearing ekoglam accesories which I personally love because they make your outfit stand out from the crowd. I think the red glasses were the perfect complement because they gave a pop a color to the look. Go ahead and check out Ekoglam for more exclusive designs! Remember that you will have your unique design If you shop at Ekoglam :) Also stay tuned for more ideas on mens fashion, and hopefully I’ll have more of Sergio and Ekoglam soon on the blog!!! Don’t miss it!









Sergio was wearing:

Lace Shirt – Sergio Salmeron

Accesories – Ekoglam

Jeans – Thrift Shop

Shoes – Thrift Shop

Glasses – Thrift Shop


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