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Streetstyle: Leather & Wedge Sneakers

Spring is a great season for wearing those warm garments you usually wear under your coat during fall and winter seasons. Most of us think leather pants, shorts, skirts or dresses are only appropiate at night since leather clothing comes in dark colors, and let me tell you, that is partially true. Yes, leather looks great at night but If you are able to combine your leather garment with the right shoes or accesories you will have an amazing day attire!

Something that I like about leather jeans or shorts is that they make your legs look wider which is great for those girls with really slender legs who want them to look a little bit bigger, and If that is your case, you should also take into consideration leather leggings which have the same impact 🙂





I wear my leather pants during all seasons except summer and I always match them with black shoes – heels, flats, sandals, wedges- I really like the all black bottom for my outfit when wearing my leather pants. So, when I got my wedge sneakers, my first thought was: I need to wear this pair with my leather pants. And now I wear these two pieces all the time. I know I’m pretty obssesed with this combination but that is obviously not a rule, wedge sneakers look great with shorts, skirts and jeans (especially ripped jeans, I love how they look together). Last time I showed you my pearl white choker and since they are super in this season, I decided to get another one in a different color and, it seemed perfect for this outfit. I worked with a new and great photographer –Moises Castellon- on this shoot, and he was able to capture the outfit in its entirity, giving each item the right value. Thanks to him, the outfit came out perfect for a street style shoot. Thank you all for staying tune and you will get to see more of my leather pants very soon!





Photography by: Moises Castellón

I was wearing:

Outfit – Forever21


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