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Actor’s Breeze Style

Hello guys! I know September was a great month but I bet October will be even better! As you know, I always have a new face for the first day of the month on my dudes fashion section and today is no exception. My special guest is a Nicaraguan actor/producer and lawyer. His name is Gerardo Sanchez and I had the honor to have him for today’s post. Gerardo went to law school and currently works at an ONG as an environmental lawyer, but everyone knows him better for his career as an actor and producer. He started in the T.V. industry with reality shows such as “Aventados” in 2007, and “RutaAlterna” in 2012, then he moved to the big screen with a movie produced by him, named “Mojados” and he just finished his second movie “Beso de Bala” directed by Puerto Rican movie director “Diego de la Texera”. Besides his incredible career track, Gerardo also has a great sense of style and that’s one of the reasons he’ll be giving us some tips on how to follow his fashion! We had so much fun doing this shoot and I hope you get to enjoy this post and the interview we did! Hopefully Gerardo will be back to give us more tips for a relaxed and chill look 🙂






1. ¿Cómo describirías tu estilo personal?

Dual y no muy complicado. Pero esto tiene que ver con los distintos momentos y situaciones en los que me desarrollo, a veces toca ser el ejecutivo promedio, de tonos oscuros y grisáceos. Otras veces (Y el que más prefiero) es el Surfero, relajado..despreocupado.

How would you describe your personal style?

Ambiguous and not complicated. But I think it has to do with the different situations I involve myself into, sometimes I’m the average executive, and then I see myself as the Surfer (which is my favorite) , relaxed and breezy.

2. Te interesa la moda?

No sufro por la Moda, las tendencias me gusta verlas y jugar, nunca he sido fan de la moda, pero me gusta estar pendiente de lo que está pasando por ahí.

Are you interested in fashion?

I’m not a Fashion fan but I do like playing with trends and being aware of what is new.

3. ¿Qué color es común encontrar en tu closet? ¿Este color define tu personalidad?

Verde, Azul, Gris, Blancos pero bastante un color que disfruto, por practicidad.

What is the most common color we can find in your closet ? Does this color define your personality?

Green, blue, gray, white and I would say black is the color I enjoy the most.

4.¿Qué dificultades o retos se te han presentado en la industria del cine y la televisión nicaragüense?

El mayor reto de todos los que queremos producir sería el de no caer en los mismos modelos de hace 30, 40 años…Renovar las producciones, tomar los buenos ejemplos en vez de simplemente atacar a los demás y sus producciones.

What difficulties or challenges have you faced in the Nicaraguan film and television industry?

The biggest challenge of all producers would be to avoid falling into the same patterns of 30, 40 years ago … We need to renew productions and follow good examples rather than simply attacking others and their productions.

5. ¿Cómo ves el futuro de la industria de los realities y cine en Nicaragua?

Era un terreno nuevo cuando decidimos explorarlo, ahora está aflorando con la ayuda de producciones foráneas que motivan a las nuevas generaciones a hacer cosas totalmente extraordinarias. En Nicaragua hay mucho futuro porque hay mucho talento

How do you see the future of the reality shows and movies in Nicaragua?

It was something completely new when we decided to explore this industry, and now it is starting with the help of foreign productions that encourage new generations to do extraordinary things . I have to say Nicaragua has a great future because we have lot of talented people.

6. ¿Cuáles son tus próximos proyectos?

Estamos en etapa de preproducción de un documental en Medio Oriente. Pero falta mucho.

What are your next projects?

We are working on the pre-production of a documentary in the Middle East. But we still have a lot to work on.

 Photography by: Lucia Urrutia

Gerardo was wearing:

Shirt – Armani

Shorts – H&M

Shoes – Tony Morato


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