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“Dreams can come true if you just dream about them”

It is finally time to tell everyone about a project that emerged a few months ago and already has a name: ESLOVE. I wanted to announce this plan since the beginning of 2017 but then I remembered this …

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Flatforms, Denim and Leather

I can’t believe next week is the end of July! Even though this has been a pretty chill month, I really want august to come for so many reasons! I cannot reveal them all since most of them will be surprises, not just for me but also for you guys, but there is something I …

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Casual Ivory Blazer

Hello everyone! How was your weekend? I really hope it was great! I’m usually busy on the weekends, actually I’m busy most of the time cuz I always have something to do lol, but this past weekend was pretty chill. I went to granada and had a great time like I always do in that …

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Shake it off

We all know fringe is a prominent trend for 2015, but we weren’t aware it was going to surpass all boundaries. Remember my mini fringe skirt? I got it 3 years ago when fringe started to emerge from the 90s. My new fringe skirt is definitely an improved version of what we …

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Streetstyle: Leather & Wedge Sneakers

Spring is a great season for wearing those warm garments you usually wear under your coat during fall and winter seasons. Most of us think leather pants, shorts, skirts or dresses are only appropiate at night since leather clothing comes in dark colors, and let me tell you, that is partially true. Yes, leather looks …

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Stylish Hand-Made Lace

Good Morning everyone! This year has gone so fast that we are already in february. You know what that means? A new outfit for our dudes fashion section! Today I have an old guest, he is very stylish, a jewerly fashion designer and guess what? He designed the lace shirt he is wearing on todays …

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Midi Lace with Choker

TGIF Everyone! Most of us suffer five days per week until we can finally reach friday night and be out of work or school, to go out with our friends, family or enjoy a date with our partners. I’ve been pretty active this week and to be honest, I just want to get some rest …

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Black setting the gist

Happy Saturday everyone! I recently went to Paseo Xolotlan in Managua for a walk and decided to step by the old Cathedral. It is still one of the most beautiful architectural designs Managua has, and it would be great If we were able to get in again! So I decided to shoot my look that …

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Fall just came in here!

This time I decided to go for a walk. Yes, in NYC! Weather is perfect for wearing your favorite boots, jacket and scarves 🙂 The thing about combat boots is that you can wear them for both hot and cold climates and that is awesome because they become super useful! I love black …

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