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How I keep my lips hydrated with only $2 this winter

Looking for the right lip balm for this winter?

Chapped lips is all you get from low temperatures. Not to mention dry skin and frizzy hair, but we’ll get there later.. For now I want to focus on giving your lips the attention they need. I don’t know about you, but I’ve been exposed to temperatures of 15 degrees Fahrenheit (not Celsius) and while many of you are probably at -25 and I’m so sorry for you, I can’t stand the cold. The only good thing about it is that I get to wear cute fur coats that I love so much but that’s about it.

lip balm

Going back to the main issue of this article, the first thing I did when I was back home was to order a lip balm, and this is how I ended up with a $2 lip balm. Every time I need something beauty-related I go to Notino. You all know that’s my #1 destination for beauty, skin care, hair and makeup. I was checking on different brands and their uses. I ended up with 5 different lip balms and after carefully reviewing their benefits I chose to order the Eveline Cosmetics Extra Soft Lip Regenerating Serum.

Let me be honest. When I was looking for lip balms, I was not paying attention to the price. But it made me happy knowing that the one I chose was cheap. I’m not a cheap person when it comes to my health and personal care but if you can have a great product at a great price, why not? So I’ve been using this one for a week already and it really keeps my lips not only hydrated but regenerated. It also tastes good and it’s not too creamy, which is something I was looking for.

If you try it, please let me know how it goes! Also, I’ll be sharing some experiences with some new products I got through my Instagram so don’t forget to follow me over there!

You can find the lip balm here


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