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New Year. New Skin Routine

After telling you all about my new year’s resolutions in terms of my skin care, the next step was to actually get all the products and things I need to fulfill that promise. Two years ago I tried the 3 steps system by Clinique. I was only able to do it for a couple of months because a few weeks later I moved to the states and then my whole scheduled changed… long story short my life changed and so did my skin care routine.

Once I settled down and had everything organized, I started again with a new routine but I went for other products. I’m all about experimenting and trying new things so I started trying new products each month. A few weeks before the end of 2017, I started looking for Christmas gifts for my family and while I was navigating on Notino, I saw the 3 steps by Clinique and it reminded me of how great my face was feeling when I was under that routine.

The 3 steps system really keeps your face fresh and purified. It almost makes your skin look like if you had a peeling and now it’s all smooth and brighter. It also makes your makeup look better. The 3 steps by Clinique is really easy to use but I’ll give you a mini tutorial just in case you have any questions.


Clean your face with the Liquid Facial Soap. Apply two or three drops. Do not apply much of this product as it will work properly with a small quantity. This step will prepare your skin for the following steps. Don’t forget to choose a soap that works for your skin type. There are three different types: dry skin, normal skin and oily skin. (I’m currently using the one for dry skin because we are in the middle of winter, but I would normally buy the normal skin type)

clinique 3 steps

clinique 3 steps


Use the clarifying lotion to exfoliate your skin. Use a cotton ball or pad to clean your face. This step will sweep away dead cells from your skin.

clinique 3 steps


Finally moisturize your skin with the moisturizing lotion. This one will hydrate your skin, giving it the perfect texture and condition.

clinique 3 steps

clinique 3 steps

The best part of this routine is that you will start seeing results within 2 weeks!!! Ready to start this new year with a new skin? Try this 3 steps system by Clinique and let me know how it goes!

Clinique 3 Steps available here


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