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Things you didn’t know about your beauty blender

Two years ago I didn’t know about the existence of the most wonderful discovery for makeup lovers: the beauty blender. This creation is responsible for giving girls a really flawless complexion that can last all day long. Many women believe this is just an accessory in their makeup bags, but I have to say they are wrong! A beauty blender is a must have if you want a perfect finish on your face. You can even skip expensive brushes but not the beauty blender and if you keep reading this article, you’ll learn why this little and untraditional sponge can save the day!

beauty blender

The beautyblender can be more than just a blender! Here are 4 things you didn’t know about this magnificent tool that will make you take full advantage of its cost:

  1. Skincare Products Application

A beautyblender is capable of distributing your moisturizer more consistently than your fingertips can do. Make sure your sponge is wetted with clean water, but do not drench it. Apply the product to your sponge and then to your face. You’ll be able to see better results in seconds!

  1. Smokey Eye perfector

Smokey eyes can be a little bit hard to achieve, but thanks to the beautyblender, the process can get easier. By using the tip of your blender you can simply blur the outer corner of your eyelids and get a homogeneous look on your beautiful eyes.

  1. Best lip effects

You have probably seen before some of the coolest effects youtubers and makeup artists are doing on lips! From ombre to plump lips, a beautyblender can help you achieve any of these effects with no effort!

  1. Perfect tanning tool

Can I use a beautyblender to achieve a perfect tan? The answer is yes! You can actually find the so called: bodyblender which is twice bigger than the regular sponge to apply your preferred tanning lotion getting improved results and an unblemished tan!

Where to shop a beauty blender?

I hope you find these tips useful next time you have doubts about purchasing a beautyblender. You can find great and affordable alternatives at notino. Here are the ones I recommend:

BrushArt Face Makeup Sponge in the Shape of a Drop

BrushArt Face Makeup Sponge

Whether you want a makeup sponge in the shape of a drop or the regular makeup sponge, you’ll find what you are looking for!


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