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How to keep a New Year’s Resolution

Hello New Year, bye bye 2017! Setting your goals for a new year isn’t hard. You just make a list of things you want to achieve. The tough part is actually maintaining those bullet points from your list. I already have my list which I’ll be sharing in a couple of days so be ready! For those who are still struggling between making a list and a schedule to actually fulfill those resolutions, I’ve got 5 tips on how to actually and realistically keep your New Year’s Resolutions!

new years resolution

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Ready? Here we go!


We all want to become millionaires in a year or less, but let’s be honest. That road can take years. I’m not saying it’s impossible because everything can happen, but you might end up in depression if you set up an unrealistic goal and then it isn’t accomplished. Be realistic when it comes to your resolutions and start small.


If one of your New Year’s resolutions is to lose 20 pounds, then write down how you plan to accomplish that goal. Get a nutrition plan, a workout routine and whatever you need to make that happen.


There are always obstacles getting in our way, not to mention negative people. All you can do is try to stay positive and think about how much you want to achieve those goals you are setting up for this new year.


Telling your friends and family about your new year’s resolutions can help you a lot! People who care about you, will encourage you to keep going and never give up.


Once you have your resolutions written down, it is time to decide how you will achieve each of them. Don’t try to accomplish all of them at once. Take your time with each of them, and enjoy your new year!

I hope these tips were helpful and please share with me your New Years Resolution in the comment section below!


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