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How I clean my makeup brushes

Cleaning makeup brushes is one of the most tedious things ever. I’m pretty sure this is something every girl avoids but MUST do. When I got my first set of brushes (I still have them) I didn’t even know I was suppose to wash them. I know it sounds gross, but I used them for over 3 months without washing them when I was a newbie. Thanks to the internet and with the help of fellow beauty bloggers and vloggers; I found out my brushes were dirty, and needed a deep cleanse. I began to wash my brushes with hair conditioner and water; but once I discovered Notino, I found the perfect product to clean makeup brushes.

I’ve been using Missha The Style since I have memory. It is water for cleaning brushes. I clean my makeup brushes once a month. I only do it twice a month whenever I have a busy month and lots of events, so I do my makeup more often and my brushes are usually dirtier. I would love to share with you some tips on how to clean makeup brushes. This is the way I do it, the way professionals taught me to do it and the way it works for me. I might be wrong, but there is one thing I can assure you. My brushes are always clean 😉

clean makeup brushes

Before I tell you all about my cleaning routine; let me show you my brand new brushes! I got the BrushArt Face Cosmetic Set and I also purchased the BRUSHART FaceBrush for Liquid and Cream Foundation to have an extra brush for my foundation.

clean makeup brushes

How I clean my makeup brushes?

  1. I use a plastic cup just for my brushes and place about two ounces of Missha The Style water and one ounce of warm regular water in the cup. I put my makeup brushes in the cup for 15 minutes.
  2. Using a silicone brush cleaner, I gently massage the tips of the bristles for each brush.
  3. Once I’m done with step number two, I squeeze out each brush with a clean towel and then let them dry in the edges of my bathroom counter top.  Don’t forget to reshape each brush before letting it dry.



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