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Best Products to Get Rid of Dry Lips

Want to get rid of dry lips?

Since I was a kid, my mom always taught me the importance of hydrating my lips. Back then, I never really paid attention to that. As I was growing up, I realized her wise words were accurate and I needed to take care of my lips to prevent dry lips.

Weather conditions and bad habits can make your lips become dry or chapped. If your lips lose moisture they become tight and begin to split. I found out the hard way, that I needed great lip balms to get rid of chapped lips. For the past two years, I have been trying out different lip balms in order to find the best product for my lips.

Not only did I find one, but I found many great products that I consider the best for lip care. All of my personal favorites have moisturizing and protective agents appropriate for winter and summer, and the best part is that I was able to choose from my favorite brands! I didn’t even have to go to several websites to look for each of these products since they were all available at Notino 🙂 I’ve tried them all and I think they are all amazing, but there is one of them I’ve been using for the past six months! Are you ready to guess which one it is?

dry lips

Bioderma Atoderm Balm – $9.79

Bioderma Atoderm beneficial ingredients will repair and restore damaged lips. By directly applying this product numerous times a day, your lips will be soft and sinuous all day long! This Hypoallergenic lip balm is great for adults and teenagers.


Max Factor Lipfinity Topcoat Lip Balm – $8.29

Max Factor Lipfinity Topcoat will help you hydrate and protect your lips against dryness. After applying this lip balm, you will feel super soft and long-lasting lips. There is no need to apply this product regularly; one or two applications and you are ready to go!


Clinique Superbalm Lip Treatment – $15.46

This enjoyable lip balm by Clinique makes your lips look glossy smooth, and gives them an attractive brightness. Apply this balm as much as you want to, since it hydrates dry and broken lips. This balm has the essential vitamins to keep your lips looking great and healthy!

Clinique Superbalm Lip Treatment – $15.46

Eucerin pH5 Lip Balm – $6.69

Eucerin is the ideal product for sensitive lips. It has ingredients that will protect you from UV exposure and other elements. This balm will help your lips maintain the best pH for a healthy skin. You can apply it as many times as required.

Eucerin pH5 Lip Balm – $6.69

Lierac Liftissime Nourishing Balm For Lips And Lip Contour – $27.34

Lierac Liftissime works for all types of skins! Besides refreshing your lips, this product redefines your lip contour. Apply this balm to your lips and lip contours and wait a few minutes before make up application. You will have healthier lips while looking outstanding!

Lierac Liftissime Nourishing Balm For Lips And Lip Contour – $27.34

All of my personal favorite lip balms are available at, and you can try them all out to figure out the one that better suits your needs, like I did! Go ahead and try some of these products to get rid of dry lips and let me know which one you selected, maybe that’s the same product I’ve been using lately 🙂 Feel free to leave your comment, I’ll be happy to hear about your experience with your new lip balm!


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