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Emme the explorer

Welcome back mommies! This time we were exploring a new spot where we could sit, chill and just stay for the day. I decided that a pair of boots were perfect for Emme because we were not sure about the place and it is better to prevent in these type of situations. She was very comfortable and I love the boots because they are not the regular boots. These areย fringed suede boots and they are great for both hot and cold weathers. When accesorizing your little one, specially a girl, a hair accessory is the clue. You don’t need jewerly or expensive diamonds, a headband/hairclip will do the entire job. Sometimes it’s hard to find these type of headbands for kids, so I recommend you get it at adult stores. The one Em is wearing is from urban outfitters, so you won’t necessarily find hair accesories that you love at a kids store. Since I got the headband, I never found a garment that could match and look great with it until this white tribal dress. The design is so beautiful and it matches with sandals, boots and basically all type of shoes, and you can even wear it with leggins for the Fall and it looks amazing!

I hope you guys liked this post and I’ll be showing youย more fashion for kids! I’ll have one for the little boys soon, so stay tuned!








Emme was wearing:

Dress – H&M

Minnekota boots – Zappos

Headband – Urban Outfitters



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