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Trick or Treat Special: Owl Mask

Welcome back everyone! I’m sorry I was away for almost a week but I’m back now and ready to post more ideas for you! Mommies, I told you I was going to help with your kids costume and I hope this post will make that promise happen lol. I thought about working on an accesory and not the whole costume, because sometimes accesories can turn you in any character you want. I picked an owl because they are very trendy right now, not only for teens and yound adults but also for kids. Every little thing from a notebook to a backpack comes with owls. However, you can pick your kids’ favorite animal because the whole point is being whoever/whatever you want for halloween! So let your child decide. This tutorial is very simple so I really hope you enjoy it and lets begin!

You’ll need:

Foamy paper/ Foamy towel paper (4)


Silicone glue

Elastic ribbon


1. Print out two copies of your owl’s mask template


2. Cut the two circles from one of the templates


3. Use the templates to cut the mask and eyes on the foamy paper (I chose the colors below but you are free to choose your kids favorite colors)


4. Make holes in the big and small circles for the eyes and also in the owl’s mask, and use the sillicone glue to put everything together. Cut a little triangle from the orange foamy towel paper for the owl’s mouth and add it to the mask.



5. Using tiny scissors, make two holes at the endings of your mask and tie an elastic ribbon on them


And now you are ready to get some candies!!! Trick or treat?!



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