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Givenchy Gloss Obsession

One of my favorite things about makeup is the ability I have to experiment with different alternatives and choose one that I’m comfortable with. Lately, matte lipsticks have been my thing, and I’m not saying I’m sick of them because I would be lying, but sometimes you just need to change for a day and try out other options. I was truly obsessed with lip glosses when I was younger because they can have that plumping effect every teenager wants. Moreover, lip glosses can be a great alternative for traditional chapsticks since they keep your lips moisturized most of the time. This is how my givenchy lip gloss obsession started…

As many of you know, I shop all my beauty products at because they have every single brand and I’m not kidding about that;  plus great deals with every purchase 😉 When I was going through lip glosses, I obviously started checking on my favorite brands and Givenchy was one of the first brands that came up to my mind. It is a brand I’ve been loyal to since I first saw it. You can recall my experience with one of my first Givenchy perfumes here.

givenchy lip gloss


I found three different Givenchy lip glosses but I decided to try the Givenchy Gloss Interdit Lip Gloss. It comes in six colors and even though I really wanted to try them all, I wasn’t ready to break my bank account, so I picked three colors (Coral Frenzy, Sexy Pink & Glamorous Fuchsia) that would match my fall outfits! Most of the colors available were shades of pink, but I wanted to look for fall colors to better feel this season! (You can check the fall color trends here).

My Givenchy Lip Gloss Faves

I guess I wear each color depending on my look and mood. Coral Frenzy is a color I usually wear on a daily basis just because it is a more natural shade that pretty much matches with most of my clothes. Sexy Pink is a great color for night activities and looks perfect with dark outfits. Glamourous Fuchsia on the other hand, is the type of lip gloss I would wear for a special event during the day.

Coral Frenzy


DGP_PricillaEslo_41 (2)

Sexy Pink

DGP_PricillaEslo_26 (2)

Glamorous Fuchsia



There is nothing about these lip glosses that can make me stay away from them. They are long-lasting, with a pigmented color and moisturizing effect; they are not sticky and the best part: they smell amazing!!! They have become a must-have on my beauty bag, so every day I carry at least one of them in my purse! Which color did you like the most? Let me know on the comment box below!


Photography: Donna Guildry

Givenchy lip gloss available at


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