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8 Beauty products for Runners

Whatever the temperature is outside, running will always require certain beauty essentials to make sure your skin remains healthy and flawless. Whether you are a professional runner or just an amateur, your skin will appreciate the use of effective and essential products, specially when you are exposed to an external environment. Even if you run at the gym, with no sun exposure, it is important to know which products you will need to use before and after your work out.

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beauty essentials

Beauty Essentials every runner needs

1. Deodorant

This first product on the list shouldn’t be a surprise for anyone, especially those with a running habit. I would highly recommend the Vichy Deodorant Roll because it protects you from sweat for up to 72 hours. This antiperspirant deodorant also controls heat, stopping  extreme perspiration during any type of workout or when you are exposed to high temperatures. This is a great product for sensitive skin that will give you a nice scent.

2. Sunscreen

Whether it is sunny or not outside, as a runner you should always wear a sunscreen protector, especially if you have a tendency for acne or vulnerable spots in some areas of your body. If that’s your case, you should try the Bioderma Photoderm max sun cream, which has a high level of protection and was created for sensitive and allergic skin, acting against pigmented spots.

3. Lip Balm

Moisturizing your lips should be a 24 hour job and not just something you do under certain circumstances. However, we all have different situations and maybe some of us don’t need a chapstick all the time. You could try getting a lip balm designed for athletes for your next work out. The Piz Buin Mountain is a great alternative as it will protect you from the sun, cold and wind!

4. Waterproof mascara

If you are an active person who likes to run and exercise, you should know by now that waterproof mascaras are your thing. I would recommend the Lancome Cils Tint because it lasts up to 72 hours and will stay still even in the most extreme physical activities, delivering an intense black color to your lashes.

5. Body Spray

Don’t let bad odors come in during your work out and always take with you a body spray. How about the Biotherm Eau Vitaminee? This one has natural ingredients that will  be compelling to your skin with protection against sunshine.

6. Dry Shampoo

After you finish running, your hair will need a refresher to get back to its original form. Treat your scalp and hair with a Toni&Guy Dry shampoo for a clean and fresh head.

7. Foot care

Running for miles can be exhausting not only to you, but think about your foot. Are you letting them breath after those 5 miles? With the Neutrogena Foot Care Nourishing cream, you can nourish the skin on your feet and relieve the sore parts. Its composition will get your foot perfectly regenerated!

8. Cleansing wipes

Last but not least, clean your face after running! With the Neutrogena Face care cleansing wipes, you’ll get rid of all dirt and filth your face will encounter while you were running.


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