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Maybelline 24 Color by Notino

After shopping for the first time at Notino, I couldn’t help doing it again! This time, I was looking for a raspberry lipstick from either Maybelline or LancΓ΄me. Luckily, Notino has all my favorite brands and I was able to find the perfect Maybelline lipstick within minutes! Since lips are so crucial, we need to make sure we are using high end products, and Maybelline will never make me doubt about the quality of its products.

I have a pretty busy schedule and sometimes I don’t even have time to retouch my makeup. Finding a 24-hour lipstick that stays in your lips even after you have eaten is magical! I usually run to get to my meetings on time and knowing that my lipstick is still there is a huge relief.

maybelline lipstick

The Maybelline SuperStay 24 Color Lipstick will not fade or crumble, and the best part is that it stays on your lips the entire day! It doesn’t matter if you are sweating, eating or drinking. It comes with a 2-step lip color in one pack. There are two ways of applying this lipstick and the method you choose will depend on the results you want.

If you want glossy lips, apply the liquid lip color to your clean lips, let it dry for a few minutes, and then apply the ultra conditioning ointment. If you want matte results, apply a slight cover of conditioning balm first, and then apply the liquid lip color to your lips.

How I wear my Maybelline Lipstick 24/7

In my case, I decided to go for matte lips since they are easier to maintain during a busy day. For special events and cocktails, I like trying out the glossy lips and they turn out incredible! If you are looking for a long lasting lipstick go to Notino and get your Maybelline SuperStay 24 Color Lipstick and look stunning all day long! They are available in different colors, and there are tons of brands to choose from!







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Maybelline 24 Color Lipstick – Notino


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