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Hello! I know it took me so long to post my mens fashion edition for December but here it is! I decided to close the year with my first guest: Henry Chang (To go back to his first edition please click here) Last time I didn’t have the chance to interview him, so please find below a brief interview we did! And don’t forget to check out his amazing blog: Duke Seriously ๐Ÿ™‚




1) How would you describe your personal style?

Just chillin… I love a good three piece suit, but I also love drop crotch sweats. Been wearing chucks alot these days.

2) What is your favorite season and why?ย 

Def fall/winter for clothes. Big jackets and boots- I’m a huge fan of woodsy vibes, though I myself don’t rock the look too often.

3) Is there any accesory you must wear for every season?

I have this tiger eye bead bracelet that I never take off… and I try not to leave the apt without a watch.

4) What/Who was your inspiration for creating Duke Seriously?

Popular blogs like The Sartorialist always keep me wanting to blog… but it really was and still is just a casual thing. Sometimes I stumble on girls that seem fun to shoot- so I do. Sometimes I have an outfit that feels good to shoot in- so I do. Sometimes I want a grill cheese sammich- so I make a grilled cheese sammich.

5) When do you plan to launch your leather bags collection?

Hopefully in 2015, but lots of hurdles to jump over…

6) What projects would you like to develop in a near future?

The bag is definitely at the forefront for the near future… but designing and building my own house is on my long term bucketlist.

Photography by: Jinu

Henry is wearing:

Henley – JCrewย 

Blazer – Club Monaco

Watch – D&G


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