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Emergent Ekoglammer

I constantly expressed my fascination by October and it was no secret I didn’t want this month to end. But todays post made me want to move on to November as fast as an asteroid. The main reason is todays special guest: Sergio Salmerón. We are not only talking about an incredibly stylish icon but …

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Actor’s Breeze Style

Hello guys! I know September was a great month but I bet October will be even better! As you know, I always have a new face for the first day of the month on my dudes fashion section and today is no exception. My special guest is a Nicaraguan actor/producer and lawyer. His name is …

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Duke Seriously is here!

For my first entry into men’s fashion I have a special friend. His name is Henry Chang- he and his friend are the founders of this amazing blog named “Duke Seriously“. I have to say “Duke Seriously” is one of my favorite blogs because you can see they have so much …

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