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Best 10 mascaras for sensitive eyes

Mascara is a must-have beauty product for most women. Whether you are a traditional or free-spirited woman, there is always a mascara for each of you. A mascara can change the way you look drastically. However, many women have sensitive eyes and can’t tolerate any eye products, especially mascaras. When you feel like crying everything you apply your mascara, that’s when you know you need a special mascara.

best mascaras

In order to avoid getting your eyes red and irritated, you need to look for a caring mascara that will treat your eyes right. Some formulas are far less irritating than others. If you are worried about getting a mascara that will not make your lashes look long enough. Let me tell you something. Even the longest and curliest lashes won’t look good; if your eyes look red and scared. That’s for sure.

If you have sensitive eyes, cry no more and let us give you expert recommendation. We’ve made a list with the best mascaras for sensitive eyes with ready-to-shop links so you can shop yours now!

Here are 10 of the best mascaras for sensitive eyes

1) LANCÔME Eye Make-Up Virtuose

2) ORIFLAME Giordani Gold Luscious

3) LA ROCHE-POSAY Respectissime Extension

4) RIMMEL Wonder’Full Extreme Black

5) L’ORÉAL PARIS Telescopic

6) AVÈNE Couvrance

7) LA ROCHE-POSAY Respectissime Waterproof


9) RIMMEL Wonder’Full

10) LA ROCHE-POSAY Respectissime Volume

All mascaras are available at Notino


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