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I still believe in winter days

Winter is approaching its end. But before we enjoy Spring, let me end things with style this winter. I’ve shared with you in previous posts about three sister stores with a wide variety of clothing and accessible prices. I’ve been shopping in all three stores since last year and so far, I’m really happy with the style+price+quality relationship between them.

About a month ago, I ordered this khaki hooded coat from Romwe. I honestly was not going to buy any winter clothes because I live in a southern state where winter is not a big deal. However, this year winter was a big deal. It actually snowed for two days which is unusual in the state of Louisiana. Therefore, I was forced to shop more winter clothes and shoes (which I don’t mind).

This has been my to-go coat for pretty much any cold day. I used to wear the same leather jacket all the time but it turns out, I left it at my sister’s place and she loves it so much that I don’t think I’ll get it back any time soon. I love the color, it’s kinda of like a camel tone, more than khaki I would say. Now that we are talking about camel coats, don’t forget to check out these ready-to-shop stylish camel coats. Besides the color, I like the fact that it comes with a hoodie. When you live in a place where it can rain any day, hoodies come in handy.

Photo credits: Brennon Fain

Coat is available here


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