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Simple Yet Stylish Women’s Boots for Valentine’s Day

The pinnacle event of February is upon us. This signifies the frantic pace of people booking dinner reservations at high-end restaurants, picking the perfect pair of shoes that match their outfits, and finding the best gifts for their significant others. Valentine’s Day creates an aura of excitement where women get to spice things up a little and tend to be a bit daring in terms of their fashion sense.

women boots

During this aforementioned occasion, high heels and stylish flats usually are the go-to choices. On the other hand, since some ladies lean toward the edgy side of things, a distinctive yet often unnoticed type of shoe takes the spotlight: women’s boots. There is a wealth of choices when it comes to picking the right pair of boots for your much-anticipated Valentine’s date. Lyst, a popular fashion e-commerce website, however, narrows it down to two: the classic look and work androgynous cool look.

First are the timeless ones, which include those fierce bikers and classic booties, while the second are basically those everyday, wear-anywhere flat boots. For a simple Valentine’s Day date, cute yet sophisticated booties go well with a blouse on top of skinny jeans. It mixes the rugged charm of boots with the lady-like attraction of a gorgeous, buttoned-up top.

women boots

For a cozy night out, flat slipper boots take the stage. These shoes stand out for embracing your foot in the most comfortable way possible without sacrificing style. Some designs feature buckled side patterns to add a touch of spunk to your overall look. Others combine these with an eclectic mix of colors – each with its own quirky outline. Match these boots with a short skirt on top of black leggings and a pullover sweater or with tights and a long flowing blouse. The former works well especially if you’re going out on a cold night.


If you’re a huge Sex and the City fan, then you’d definitely know about Carrie Bradshaw’s high regard for shoes. You always have to have the desire, the need for comfort without compensating style and features. Who cares if most men don’t look at a pair of shoes with importance in the same way as to how women view these on men. What matters most, at the end of the day, is we feel good and look fabulous while wearing our favorite pair.


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