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The Amazing Benefits of Thermal water for your skin

Besides moisturizing your favorite celebrity’s faces, thermal waters improve scars/imperfections and even rejuvenate your skin

Thermal water has been known for thousands of years for its many benefits in health and beauty. The ancient Greeks and Romans knew the advantages of this natural waters built their cities around them. Thermal water is rainwater seeping into the ground, and over the years, it has traveled between subsurface rocks enriched with minerals from the earth. Nowadays, the use of thermal water is associated with health care and beauty.

thermal water

Celebrities have expressed this is a must have product when they travel. Theirย comforting, moisturizing and anti-aging properties make them a vital element for daily skin care. Why are they so beneficial? Since they come from thermal sources, this water contains a variety of minerals with major natural properties. Thanks to these qualities thermal water, usually distributed in spray or vaporizer, has important and helpful effects on the skin.

Thermal Water Benefits

1) Makeup Remover

Thermal waters act as a perfect make-up removal. It can also help to set your makeup, if you vaporize a soft haze far away from your face and let it dry. Use it overnight and its minerals will help regenerate your skin.

2) Moisturizer

As well as being great travel companions, thermal water also works for hot spaces such as offices or rooms without A/C, keeping your skin hydrated and giving you a quick moisturizing in the middle ofย  a busy day.

3) Anti-aging properties

Thanks to its rich and natural elements such as manganese and magnesium, thermal waters are able to protect cell membranes from oxidation preventing the aging process and regenerating your skin.

4) Healing properties

Thermal water contains zinc, copper and selenium which activate the mixture of collagen and elastine, reducing healing time of shallow injuries.

5) Sunburn

This amazing product will relieve the itching and reduce swelling at a rapid pace. Whether it is a sunburn or mosquito bite, thermal waters will help you get better sooner than you thought.

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