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Sunshine by Ileo Gallery

I told you May was going to be a month full of surprises, and having Ileo Gallery over here is part of them! I discovered Ileo a month ago through their Facebook page, and let me tell you I was impressed by the genuineness of every single piece of jewerly they had. Moreover, it caught my attention that all the designs were unique and made out of splendid gemstones! Not only did I purchase earrings and necklaces from the Spring collection, but I also was able to be part of their new summer collection: Sunshine. One remarkable feature in this new jewerly collection was the use of wood for necklaces and earrings.

Every woman wants to feel confident and girlie when they go out or walk around, or even when they go shopping. Everytime I wear any accesory from the Sunshine collection (And that’s actually what I’ve been doing lately), I feel self-assured and positive, knowing that these accesories will add that radiance to my day. Whether it is for day events or a simple night out, each of these accesories will be a perfect addition to your daily look! Let me show you some pictures from the new collection with all the items I already have with me 🙂 along with more information on this new summer collection!


Ileo Gallery was founded by Ileana Hamilton, a Nicaraguan and talented entrepreneur recognized for her creative designs and well-known jewerly brand. Thanks to her dedication and commitment to her brand and values, she was able to stand out from the crowd and present her audience a solid and stunning piece of art through her jewerly. With Sunshine, her most recent summer collection, she got a deeper and more sentimental inspiration that successfully produced a masterpiece that I’m positive every women will adore.

I had the pleasure to talk with Ileana about her latest summer collection and what really inspired her to create such amazing pieces. Please take a look at the interview with all the details you don’t want to miss from this gorgeous new summer collection: Sunshine.

1) What were your thoughts when creating Sunshine?

This summer’s collection – Sunshine – is very close to my heart. As a new mother, I feel so much joy in experiencing a new stage in my life. I was so inspired by my baby boy, and he’s been bringing me new perspectives. I feel so much love, joy, happiness and a new light within me that I want to share with others. He made me remember who I am. Sometimes in life, when we are too busy or too stressed about all the pressures, problems, and responsibilities, we forget about what we are capable of doing. We also forget how strongly we can love. However, he came to remind me of the beauty of life and what I can do!

2) Who was your inspiration?

I dedicate this collection to my son for being my personal sunshine, who wakes me up every morning, greeting me with a radiant smile. He moves me to keep going with my life. I want to encourage and inspire all of you with this collection so you can find your own personal sunshine that can pierce through the dark clouds of any rainy day.

3) Which materials did you use for Sunshine?

I have incorporated a wide variety of materials in this collection, adding new colors and textures to the pieces. This helps give the impression of that intensely vibrant sensation of experiencing something for the first time. Some of the gemstones I have used include jade, onyx, quartz, rose quartz, amethyst, amber, rough lapis lazuli as well as cut and polished lapis, jasper, Indian turquoise, and agate amongst others. I also included some uniquely dyed tagua seeds.

One of the other major themes is the use of wood. Sunshine brings life so I incorporated wood into my pieces to symbolize the life I was given and the new growth I am experiencing as a mother. I want people to find something new in themselves that help them grow personally in each of the pieces of this collection. I want people to find their own sunshine that can bring them joy and nourish  their spirit in a daily basis. Let the light shine in!









IMG_6753 (Copy)



I hope you enjoyed Sunshine and I invite you to follow Ileo Gallery for more details and pictures on the new summer collection. Also, stay tuned because Ileo Gallery’s website will be available very soon!!! I really can’t wait to see it 🙂

Photography by: Jonieth O’Neill Fotografía

Outfit by: Menta y Lila


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