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My New Tunic with Black Gladiators

Happy Monday everyone! We are just starting the week and I bet we are all tired from the weekend 🙂 Every sunday night I get so pissed because I know I have to wake up early the next day and all I want to do is rest all day long to recover from the weekend sleepless nights. This weekend was pretty casual, it was all about going out to eat and watching movies till it gets late – sort of thing lol.

I recently got a new white tunic that I’ve been wanting to wear but I wasn’t sure how because it is so short, that I only find it useful for the beach. But, since I also got a new pair of gladiator sandals from Estefan – a nicaraguan brand that sells leather bags and shoes – that cover most of my leg, I thought: why not wearing these two together? Well, I tried them on and I loved them! So I decided it would be a great outfit for a casual outing like the ones I had this weekend.

At first I was wearing this look without a necklace but then I felt like something was missing, and I remember about a tribal necklace I got last year, and when putting these pieces together I got the perfect ootd! And another accesory that I couldn’t miss was, my new mini bag which I got at Estefan too! I hope you guys like this look and I’ll be posting more ootds with my gladiators soon! Stay tuned 🙂









With or without the necklace? Definitely with the necklace!!! Don’t miss my up coming posts on ideas for your ootd wearing your gladiator sandals!

Photography by: Lucia Urrutia

was wearing:

Tunic: Forever21

Gladiators – Estefan

Mini Bag – Estefan

Necklace – Forever21


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