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Day & Night Mascara by Maybelline

Every woman wants big and curled lashes (including me) for special occasions and even daily activities. However, we tend to have the same problem; our mascara is either too intense or too flat. Fortunately, I found a way of pumping up my eyelashes and obtain remarkable lashes for both off-the-cuff activities and different events! My solution was a maybelline mascara, but I’ll tell you all about it…

Since I lost my last mascara, I decided to look for another one and I was lucky to find the same mascara by Maybelline at Notino, so I purchased the Maybelline Great Lash mascara. Even though I was happy with it, I needed a more powerful mascara for my formal events and work, so I bought the Maybelline Mascara Volum´ Express the Rocket.

maybelline mascara

The Maybelline Great Lash mascara is washable and hypoallergenic. The brush gives you fine-looking and charming lashes without clumps or globs; ideal for a coffee date or an evening at the park. You can easily remove it with eye makeup remover.




Maybelline Volum´ Express the Rocket Mascara is the best choice to add sparkly volume to your eyelashes instantly. If you want a voluminous look, this mascara is the ideal product for your lashes. You can perfectly remove it with water and soap or makeup remover. Its formula will give you big volume lashes perfect for work, meetings, parties, night date, or any special occasion!







Some people might find that either the Maybelline Great Lash or the Maybelline Volum´ Express the Rocket will work great for both day-to-day activities and formal events, and I totally agree! But in my case, I like to change my look and make up from regular activities (errands, grocery shopping, etc.) to different occasions (meetings, work, day events, cocktails, night events, etc.).

I really hope you guys try these two mascaras and stick with the one that best fits your needs! Or you can even get them both like I did! Remember that you can find these Maybelline mascaras at 🙂 Go ahead and get yours and let me know about your experience with your new mascara!

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