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MBFWP: Last day with class

The third day of the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week was both exciting and sad. Even though we knew the best was about to come (in the runways); we were also aware about how much we were going to miss our new and old friends, as well as the beautiful city of Panama. Having Shantall Lacayo closing the runways on the last day of the MBFWP15, was the most amazing thing that could ever happen. I was more than proud that a Nicaraguan designer, specially Shantall -which is one of my favorite fashion designers – was able to represent my country in such a powerful way.

Besides Shantall, some of my favorite designers from the MBFWP15 were Kris Goyri, Naeem Khan, Jorge Duque, Carmela and Carol Ginter among others.  I wore Jorge Vega Umana again and I honestly can’t choose which outfit I liked the most because all of them were stunning! My look for day 3 was super classy but it had pretty modern prints which makes it the perfect balance between fancy and stylish.

Priscilla Edit_44_pp

Priscilla Edit_41_pp

Priscilla Edit_42_pp

Priscilla Edit_49

Priscilla Edit_48_pp

Priscilla Edit_47_pp

Priscilla Edit_46

Priscilla Edit_45

Here is the other drawing the talented Veronica from Artkoan prepared for my last outfit!!!


Makup Artist: Toque de Angel

Photography: Val Schnack

Outfit: Jorge Vega Umana

Shoes: Zara


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