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White & Leather ft. SheIn

New year, new goals and of course, new clothes a my new white jacket!

Hello everyone! I really hope you had a great 2016 with your family and beloved ones. Many of you had a year to remember and even though some of you didn’t find 2016 as productive as you thought it would be, don’t worry! This 2017 will give you 365 chances to renew your resolutions and goals. Plus, I’ll be telling you where to shop the coolest white jacket ever πŸ˜‰

Each year is a new challenge for me,Β and being able to write in my own personal space and share my thoughts, experiences and knowledge with all of you is truly a blessing. January is when I plan my whole year so it’s probably one of the busiest months of the year for me but also one of the most important ones, because I make significant decisions that will change the course of my year.

I have so many new year’s resolutions that I would love to share with all of you, but I guess you’ll have to wait for my upcoming posts to find out about them. However, I can tell you one of them is to save money (which is probably one of the hardest things for fashionistas lol and basically everyone else). As we grow up, we realize saving up for the future becomes an important part of our lives and even though traveling, shopping and eating out are activities we all enjoy, we should also be thinking about saving up some cash while doing what we love! I know this website isn’t about personal finances in case you are wondering where I’m going with this, but I just wanted to give you some tips on how to save some $$$ while you shop!

white jacket

Last year (around november) I started looking for winter clothing and I stumbled upon a website with affordable prices and super stylish clothing. Fashion can be pricey, but what if I told you this website has both fashion and reasonable prices? Yes, just like you read! The best part: they have shipping in the USA and internationally, and the pieces are high quality (in case you are thinking this could be a scam).

My first purchase at SheIn was a white coat (as you can see in my pictures) with leather sleeves. When I first ordered this coat, I didn’t know what to expect about the quality of the coat, but once I got my package and opened it, I was truly surprised because the coat was even better than many of the coats I currently have and it arrived at a rapid pace. Can I really ask for more? good prices, high quality, fast shipping and trendy styles πŸ™‚ one word: heaven.

I know a picture says more than a thousand words so I’ll leave you guys with these incredible photos taken by my amazing photographer Clark Miller (you can find his contact info below) so you can take a look at my new coat and the rest of my #ootd as well! Have a great day and I’ll see you guys soon!

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Photography by Clark Miller

IΒ was wearing:

Coat: Shein


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