Travel Beauty Essentials for this summer 2017

Packing is the hardest part of traveling, especially when it comes to bringing along all your beauty products without missing any single one!

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Whether you are going to a long trip or a 2 hour flight, it is important to be prepared and bring all those products that will definitively help you enjoy your travel experience even better. Traveling is one of my favorite activities ever; however, the waiting time at the airport and plane is not something I personally enjoy. For that reason I try to have everything ready just in case there is any delay or whenever I have long flights.

I usually download 2-3 movies and online magazines to keep myself entertained, so that part is always covered lol. When it comes to packing my beauty products, there is always a dilemma: I  need most of them in my carry-on but I cannot have them all with me! Here is where I have to decide which products are needed and which ones can go to my luggage. After many years and several trips, I finally came up with a list of the top beauty products I must have in my carry-on and I decided to blog about this because I’ll be traveling this summer and this article can help me make a list and organize myself before I start packing ;) plus it could be helpful if you are traveling soon!

Here are 15 Beauty Essentials I’ll be packing in my carry-on next time I travel:

1)MEDIBLANC Toothpaste & Inava Sensibilité Toothbrush

Collage PicMonkeytt

2)Kloraine Avoine Dry Shampoo


3) Steblanc Essence Sheet Face Mask


4) Clarins Cleanser


5) Clinique Line Smoothing Concealer


6) Avene SunMineral Compact Foundation


7) Eslove (My travel companion everywhere)

Photo Mar 06, 8 36 31 AM

8) Avene Thermale


9) Shiseido Spray Deodorant


10) Almay Mascara


11) Hand sanitizer


12) Lip balm


13) Neutrogena Wipes


14) Travel Manicure Kit


15) Hair brush


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