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One of the many concerns all girls have when summertime arrives is how to get the perfect tan to look stunning on their favorite bathing suit. Many will opt for a tanning bed or a spray as options for a great tan. Even though these methods can give you amazing results instantly, they can periodically damage your skin in the long term if you use them too often, plus being expensive techniques.

Some people simply use the sunlight to achieve a striking tan, but we all know how harmful the sun is for our skin. For all the reasons mentioned above, I decided to write an article about alternative ways on how to get the perfect tan for this summer season, without damaging our skin. From a wide array of products available, I’ve chosen the three best self-tanning products that you can apply yourself while saving your money and precious time.

perfect tan

TOP 3 Products for a perfect tan

Bioderma Photoderm Autobronzant Self – Tanning Spray For Sensitive Skin


Collistar Abbronzatura Senza Sole Self Tan Emulsion For Body and Legs


Loreal Paris Sublime Bronze Self – Tanning Milk For Face And Body


From personal experience and proven results shown in my friends and relatives’ skin, I can tell for sure that any of these three products will tell you how to get the perfect tan by creating a natural-looking tan within a few days without destroying your skin. With moisturizing formula, you can feel confident that your durable color will not be too orange or pink toned. Your skin will look perfect in a bronzed and pleasant tone!

Besides of being hypoallergenic, these tanning products also smooth, hydrate and protect the skin from cell aging. The level of tan will develop regularly as you apply the product. Ideal for all skin types, you can find these three picks at Notino. Remember to apply them to your face and body for an even result, but be careful with your eyes! Are you still wondering how to get the perfect tan? I don’t think so! I really hope you guys try any of these products and get the best tan ever! Go ahead and brag your new golden tan with your friends and don’t forget to follow Notino for more updates on new arrivales, discounts and promotions!


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