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New to Budgeting? This is why “Make me Chic” will help your economy

There always comes a time when you need to evaluate your finances and decideย whether or notย fashion should keep playing a role in your monthly expenses. If you are a fashionista as I think you are because you were triggered about reading this post, then let me help you keep your budget in line while adding new stuff to your closet. This is when ‘Make me Chic‘ comes to the ecuation.

As a fashion blogger, content creator and fashion addict, I’m always trying out new products, experiencing new stores/companies and telling you which experiences were the ones I enjoyed the most and simply not talking about the ones I didn’t enjoy unless you ask me about a specific brand in a message or comment, and I will tell you my honest opinion.

make me chic

There is something you need to know when purchasing products: ALWAYS COMPARE PRICE & QUALITY. There are many cheap products out there but if they aren’t high quality then you are not really saving money and you’ll keep having problems with your little piggy. I decided to talk about “Make me Chic” because I purchased some items from this business and I liked what I got. I feel like the price/quality relationship here is a great one and for only $80 I was able to get more good quality products than I usually get at other stores. The best of all, they seriously have the latest trends and so many cute accessories!!!

If you are crazy about purses and shoes, then that’s your store! They literally have every cute little bag I want ๐Ÿ™‚ and let me tell you, I didn’t have any issues with the shipping (FIY) ๐Ÿ˜‰ The very first thing I got at Make me Chic was the jacket I’m wearing in the photo shown above and you can find it here too. I ordered it around March because there was gonna be a very cold week that month and I’m usually all black when it comes to my outwear so I wanted to do something different so I tried that one and I absolutely loved it!

LOOKING FOR THE LATEST TRENDS AT AFFORDABLE PRICES WITHOUT DAMAGING YOUR ECONOMY? “Make me Chic” will help you out! Check out more pictures of my fur jacket below!

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Let me know what you think about this new addition to my closet and don’t forget to subscribe to my newsletter for more updates on budget friendly fashion stores ๐Ÿ˜‰


Til next blog,


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