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Between work, school and my personal life, dedicating time to my closet can be complicated. I’m usually a freak when it comes to organizing my wardrobe and planning new outfits for different occasions, but even when I come up with the most perfect schedule for each week, I always need help! Even people with a more flexible schedule need help finding products, so they usually ask me to assist them with their shopping needs.

I have some friends who work exclusively as personal shoppers. If I need a red dress for the next “Red Ballroom Dance” for example, they will look for dresses in different stores and find some options that would fit my style and personality and send me pictures so I can choose the “one”. However I have two issues with this strategy: my friends live in different cities/states & it probably takes them more than 1 day to find all those alternatives for me :(

Luckily for me and for all of you, I found the perfect solution to all of our problems: eBay ShopBot. This new app has become a life saver and my very personal shopping assistant, and all you need is Facebook messenger to start using it! Please don’t tell me you are not on Facebook because I won’t believe it lol. Every time I need to find a specific product, all I have to do is get on Facebook messenger and chat with eBay ShopBot. Let me tell you how it works so you can start taking advantage of this absolutely free shopping assistant!

1. First of all, download the Facebook messenger app for IOS or Android (If you plan to use ShopBot in your phone). You can also access Facebook messenger from your desktop computer by login into your Facebook account; or click this link and follow the steps described in the link. I personally like to use the Facebook messenger app from my Ipad because it is always more convenient and it has a bigger screen than my phone ;)

Photo Mar 26, 7 42 49 PM

2. Once you clicked on the link, it will redirect you to your Facebook messenger automatically and a conversation with Ebay ShopBot will be opened. To get started, all you have to do is chat with your personal shopper as if you were chatting with one of your friends (as easy as that) You can say hello or get started :)

Photo Mar 26, 6 49 20 PM (1)

If you are a first time user, eBay ShopBot will give you three options:

1) Chat

This option will let you ask eBay ShopBot what you are looking for, just type what you need and your personal shopper will find alternatives for you!

Photo Mar 26, 7 56 05 PM

eBay ShopBot will find products that match your budget, style and brand preferences!

Once you found something that matches your criteria and you want to keep looking for something else, simply type “stop” or “start over” and ask your personal shopping assistant for help once again.

2) Image Search

This option will allow you to send an image, just like if you were sending your friends pictures of last night ;) and eBay ShopBot will find results similar to your picture! You can use a picture you took with your phone or any picture fom Pinterest or the internet overall, just make sure the picture doesn;t have busy backgrounds so that eBay ShopBot can focus on a single product when looking for the best possible alternatives.

Photo Mar 26, 7 59 35 PM


3) Browse

When you type the word “browse”, eBay ShopBot will automatically put together collections of eBay’s best items so you can check out the best deals and products eBay has to offer.

Photo Mar 26, 8 03 13 PM

When you use your personal shopping assistant again, you can type in any word (I usually say “hello” or “hi” and he will ask you “what are you looking for” giving you 2 alternatives:

- Something specific

Photo Mar 26, 8 11 19 PM

- Inspiration

Photo Mar 26, 8 12 00 PM

Or you could type in the words previously mentioned before “chat”, “image search” and “browse and have the alternatives shown above.

Over time eBay ShopBot learns more about you & your style and will start to make suggestions. You can also create your own “size profile” and save sizes and then ShopBot will remember your sizes.

Instructions: Click ShopBot > Click Pofile > Click Size Profile and then customize

Once you start using eBay ShopBot, and get familiar with this new and “free” personal shopping assistant, I’m pretty sure you will never have more problems finding any product! So far, I’ve taken full advantage of my BFF #eBayShopBot and I already purchased a couple things I was looking for! I’ll show you some of them very soon in my social media! ;)

Don’t forget to tell me what you think about this new app in the comments below!





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