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My first Music fest experience with the Buku Project

It’s been a week since I returned from my very first music fest in the city of New Orleans. The Buku Projectย was a life changing experience not only for me, but for every person who came with me. Buku Music + Art Project takes place in one of the happiest cities in the USA; also known for being a city with a high diversity of people, culture and music, and lets not forgetย jazz music was born in NOLA. I honestly was never really into music fests before because I didn’t know how much fun they are, I always wanted to live that experience but I hadn’t had the chance until last weekend ๐Ÿ™‚

music fest

Buku Music Fest: The Stages

We started our journey on friday morning; without knowing what to expect, we were already excited. Once we walked into the event, our vision of music festivals completely changed . The Mardi Gras World was transformed into the perfect scenario with the magnificent view of the Mississippi River. With five different stages, food (including seafood ๐Ÿ˜‰ ), cute little shops, ย and a proper space to express your feelings through art, Buku festย really had it all.

It was interesting to meet so many people that travel around the world just to enjoy music fests. Many of them expressed how amazed they were with the whole event. The organization was clearly doing a great job. There were no problems when it came to shows, or music, or anything else. I guess the only problem they had was the last minute cancellation of Young Thug, but that’s not really Buku’s fault.



Power Plant: Main Stage




These ladies would write a poem about anything!



Our #bukrew favorite spot

Buku Music Fest: LineUp

The lineup made it easy for me to make a decision about attending the Buku Project. It was the perfect combination of artists, from techno to rap and even alternative rock. I actually had the chance to interview three local artists in three differente genres. Don’t worry because all three interviews to Unicorn Fukr, Caddywhompus and Boogie T will be in my YouTube channel very soon, as well as the whole Buku experience!

If I had to choose my top favorite performances I would say Travis Scott, DeadMau5, Run the Jewels, Zhu and Cashmere Cats. But I honestly enjoyed all performances! I’m a bit sad I couldn’t listen to the artists I interviewed because I was waiting for them to finish their performance, but I’m sure there will be another time! I do not have pictures of Deadmau5 and I’m sorry about that, but I do have a lot of videos that will be in my VLOG ๐Ÿ˜‰


A picture from my first interview with Unicorn Fukr



BUKU2017_0312_003248-5711_ALIVECOVERAGE (1)



And lets notย forget about Buku Fashion!


Day 1 #ootd by Bluspero


Day 2


My #bukrew 2017
Photo by DanceBreak




Photo by Brennon Fain

The Buku Project: Fashion

Fashion at Buku was amazing! People were so inspired by technology, culture and art that you could perceive their feelings through their outfits. I gave away 2 tickets to the BUKU Project and I had the chance to meet the giveaway winners ๐Ÿ™‚ I was able to hang out with one of them for a bit which was a great experience because we both are in the same masters program and she was super cool (I shared a photo with her on my snapchat ๐Ÿ™‚ ) so I’m really glad she and her friend made it!!!

I’m gonna leave you with the lineup. Check out all the artists from this past edition and let me know who was your favorite! Now all I can say is Merci Buku! I really hope to go back because so far that was the best weekend ever ๐Ÿ™‚ Don’t forget to check out my VLOG here!!!



Priscilla and her bukrew


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