Everyone is getting the “Bob Haircut”

Yes! Everyone you know is already rocking the “Bob Haircut” … The good news is that you can pull it off too!  Just keep reading this article and find out why you should be giving the Bob a chance ;) Are you ready to try this elegant and famous hairstyle?Taylor-Swift-4

The bob haircut is the most popular haircut we will see this spring/summer season and there is a really good reason why you’ll love this hairstyle: it is versatile, easy to maintain and also gives you all the style you want. The “bob” gives you the perfect length and is long enough to pick it up in a ponytail, braid or bun. The bob has become more and more popular and yes… It is a short cut … quite short, but I believe we all can handle a new change, especially if it makes you look renovated and fresh!

If your hair has been chemically treated, it’s damaged and needs urgent treatment, this hairstyle might be the solution! Removing dead hair from your tips will automatically heal your hair without purchasing expensive treatments. Now you just have to choose the haircut you like best and try a new look showing off your healthy locks. Take a look at these gorgeous options and be amazed at how fabulous your hair can look.

1. Bob with bangs


2. Short Bob


3. Long Bob or “Lob”


4. Wavy Bob


5. Straight Bob


6. Asymmetric Bob


7. Side Bangs Bob


8. Choppy Bob


9. Pixie Cuts Bob


Photo credits: Pinterest

Whether you want your bob hair with bangs, longer or shorter, that will be up to you! Although keeping this hairstyle will be easier than any other, don’t forget to maintain a routine including your shampoo, conditioner, hair mask and hair oil. Orofluido Beauty is a great oil for all types of hair. You can also try out the Kerastase Chronologiste if you want an scented oil for your hair plus extra nourishing, or try Alfaparf Milano for smooth and shiny hair!

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