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What you should never wear to a wedding

The magic of weddings is universal. Every guest is determined to have fun and celebrate the union of their beloved friends. But going to a wedding also means getting a new dress. For some girls, it is hard to find the right dress. Some brides are more conservative than others, and as guests, all we want is to make this day even more special for our favorite married couple, wearing something that is appropriate for that date.

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How about making a list of things you should never wear to a wedding? That makes things easier for everyone, right? Well, I came up with a list of things you should keep in mind before buying a dress.

1) Do not wear white. This is a very simple rule you should always remember. We all know that’s the bride’s color and nobody wants to look like the bride; unless she decided to have a white themed wedding, but that’s the only exception.


2) Do not wear flats. Although there are beautiful and elegant flats out there, they will never look the same with a dress like heels do. Even if you don’t like high heels, try some small heels that will make you feel comfortable but NO to flats.


3) Do not bring shoulder bags or the daily purse you use to go shopping. Weddings aren’t for you to bring everything with you. All you need is a clutch with your makeup essentials and your phone.


4) Do not wear mini dresses. You are not in the club! Even if we are talking about a day wedding or a very simple ceremony, never wear a mini dress. This also applies for mini-skirts.


5) NO to super visible cleavage. There is nothing wrong with cleavage, it actually looks great on some dresses, but try to moderate yours for weddings.


6) Do not wear denim. I think everyone is aware this isn’t a casual event, so I don’t need to specify on this.


7) Do not wear animal prints. Animal prints look great on some dresses but you can wear them for other occasions rather than a wedding. You can add a pop of animal print to your outfit but do not exaggerate.


8) Do not wear button-up shirts with pencil skirts. You are not going to work. This is a wedding, so leave your office outfit for the office only.


Now that I’ve shared some tips on what you should never wear to a wedding, it is time to give you some great options for any type of wedding! And best of all, you can click on any of these dresses and shop from this post πŸ™‚

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