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How to remove facial hair with Remington

A common problem all women face is facial hair removal. That is the reason why the shaver was invented, it works amazing, it takes away all of your hair, it is a cheap method but, there is one problem: once we use the shaver, our hair will grow thicker and thicker and that has become …

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How to make a Turban using a scarf in 6 easy steps

Hi guys!!! Some of you asked where I got the turban from my previous OOTD, and I thought: Why not showing people how to make a turban? So I recreated the scene and brought you six easy steps on how to create your own and unique turban! All you need …

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Braided Bun

Everytime I’m having bad hair days I usually go by the regular ponytail or just a bun. I have to say hair buns are my favorite because I have a lot of hair, so when it gets messy, the hair bun will make it look great. Sometimes I get bored of the same bun, so …

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