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What you should know about Black Peel Off Masks

As a beauty lover, I’m pretty sure you’ve heard about the popular black peel off masks made out of charcoal. Why is everyone obsessed with these masks? Well, long story short, they remove blackheads effectively and we all know those hideous blackheads are every girl’s enemy. I’ve used charcoal black peel off masks in my nose only, so I can only tell you my experience from the nose point of view. Fortunately for me, I had a group of ladies who tried the mask in their entire faces to make sure I have some credible information for all of you!

black peel off masks

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Just like the internet will tell you, my gals didn’t have anything bad to say about the black peel off masks. Their blackheads were gone (at least most of them) and they felt a smoother and softer skin after using the mask. Should we really worry about this famous product everyone is using in their YouTube channels?

I’ve applied two different brands in my nose (one of them was Bioderma) and I’m not saying the other name because I honestly don’t remember. I got them at the drug store because I really needed to clean my face. One of them worked great for me (not sure which one though, I know I should have taken notes but I didn’t, oopsie), and the other one didn’t do much. Maybe I didn’t follow the steps properly with the second mask or maybe the brand wasn’t effective in my skin because we all have different skin types and products won’t work the same.

Since I love doing extensive research on brands and products and I also work with professionals in the beauty industry, I had to ask them about these masks and the truth behind them.

Here are some of the main things you should know about black peel off masks:

– Charcoal has many benefits not only in the beauty industry. It can be used as a natural medicine for your stomach, teeth, colon, among others.

– While Charcoal peel off masks can give you a radiant skin and glowing face, its excessive use can be harmful for your skin.

– Charcoal masks contain a special glue that will peel off your blackheads and pores but it also rips the surface layer of the skin pulling out most oils your skin needs to keep a healthy balance.

What does that mean? Can we use them or not?

NO! There are many other masks that will make your face looking smoother and bright without taking away your natural minerals and will keep the skin of your face healthy. AVONย Clearskin Professional, MELVITAย Nectar Bright and SENSAIย Silky Purifying Extra Care are some of the best certified face masks you should try!

If you really have an emergency and are in desperate need of removing your blackheads then I guess once a year won’t hurt nobody but do not add this product to your daily skin care routine.


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1 Comment
  • Mahina
    August 7, 2017

    When it comes to any peeling mask I say if it’s painful when taking off it shouldn’t have gone on in the first place, gotta take care of your skin.