Trendy Boots for Fall-Winter 2016

Summer is officially over and it’s time to shop one of the hottest accesories for this cold season: boots! This fall-winter 2016, high knee boots are one of the most popular styles along with the legendary leather boots. Finding a pair that matches your style can be a long process, but I’ve gathered the most beautiful and trendiest boots so you don’t have to go anywhere else to find the perfect booties for you! Every time a Fall/Winter season arrives, we start wondering which boots we’ll carry during this cold season, and investing in a great pair of boots can save you a lot of time when picking your outfits. For this Fall/Winter season 2016-2017, heeled boots will be every girl’s desire and the perfect accessory for all occasions.

DP19946571_Zoom_M_11 (2)

Photo credits: Dorothy Perkins

High knee boots are super trendy this season, specially if you choose velvet boots. Their popularity is due to the influence retro fashion. You can match them with short and tight skirts and dresses with 60s or 70s vibes. Block heels are another trendy style you should definitely try if you want comfort and fashion in one item. Guess what? rounded toes boots are back this season! What if you combine all these trends into a single pair of shoes? high knee, velvet, block heels and round toes? I bet that would be a very interesting fashion trend!

Go ahead and check out the trendiest boots for this Fall/Winter 2016… It’s time for you to shop your favorite pair!

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