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How to apply eye cream the right way

The eye contour is one of the areas of your face where signs of aging are made visible more quickly. For that reason, it is important to find the right eye contour product that moisturizes the skin of this area and gives you a brighter and younger look. Just as important as finding the appropriate …

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The most practical and stylish mom purses

Are you a mom in the search of the most stylish mom purses for this 2017?
This is your lucky day!

When we become moms, we tend to forget that dedicating time to ourselves is necessary. The baby bag becomes our main accessory and we start saying goodbye to all those …

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Bob Haircut: Why is everyone obsessed with this hairstyle?

Yes! Everyone you know is already rocking the “Bob Haircut” … The good news is that you can pull it off too!  Just keep reading this article and find out why you should be giving the Bob a chance 😉 Are you ready to try this elegant and famous hairstyle?

The bob haircut is the …

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Coachella Beauty Packing List for your crossbody

Ready to learn about some of the Coachella Beauty Essentials?

Music Festival time has arrived and the biggest music fest in the US started today! Yes, we are talking about Coachella. I have a list of Coachella Beauty Essentials you need for your crossbody! A month ago, I told you about my very …

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Why are mermaid tail blankets so popular?

We all still remember our childhood; we remember the freedom of being young, and the imagination that came with it.  I know many of you still recall the famous movie The Little Mermaid, which began the mermaid trend in the late 80s, pushing through the 90s. For those of you who do …

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“My blog post was written as part of my collaboration with eBay.” “Ebay Shopbot solved all my problems and I’ll tell you how”. Between work, school and my personal life, dedicating time to my closet can be complicated. I’m usually a freak when it comes to organizing my wardrobe and planning …

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My first Music fest experience with the Buku Project

It’s been a week since I returned from my very first music fest in the city of New Orleans. The Buku Project was a life changing experience not only for me, but for every person who came with me. Buku Music + Art Project takes place in one of the happiest …

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Spring Trend Alert: Floral Maxi Dress

Hello everyone! We are already in March and a few weeks away from Spring… who is ready for this spring season? I know a lot of you are. Spring is one of the most popular seasons because it is colorful, weather is perfect and you have so many cute spring dresses to wear, all of …

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“Dreams can come true if you just dream about them”

It is finally time to tell everyone about a project that emerged a few months ago and already has a name: ESLOVE. I wanted to announce this plan since the beginning of 2017 but then I remembered this …

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Top Valentine’s Day gifts for your girls

Valentines Day Gifts for all my single ladies

For most people, Valentine’s day is all about couples, love, romance, etc. However, some people like me and my friends think of valentine’s day as a get together to celebrate our friendship. After all, guys come and go but friends are forever. We know our BFFs since …

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