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Why are mermaid tail blankets so popular?

We all still remember our childhood; we remember the freedom of being young, and the imagination that came with it.  I know many of you still recall the famous movie The Little Mermaid, which began the mermaid trend in the late 80s, pushing through the 90s. For those of you who do …

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“My blog post was written as part of my collaboration with eBay.” “Ebay Shopbot solved all my problems and I’ll tell you how”. Between work, school and my personal life, dedicating time to my closet can be complicated. I’m usually a freak when it comes to organizing my wardrobe and planning …

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My first Music fest experience with the Buku Project

It’s been a week since I returned from my very first music fest in the city of New Orleans. The Buku Project was a life changing experience not only for me, but for every person who came with me. Buku Music + Art Project takes place in one of the happiest …

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Spring Trend Alert: Floral Maxi Dress

Hello everyone! We are already in March and a few weeks away from Spring… who is ready for this spring season? I know a lot of you are. Spring is one of the most popular seasons because it is colorful, weather is perfect and you have so many cute spring dresses to wear, all of …

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“Dreams can come true if you just dream about them”

It is finally time to tell everyone about a project that emerged a few months ago and already has a name: ESLOVE. I wanted to announce this plan since the beginning of 2017 but then I remembered this …

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Top Valentine’s Day gifts for your girls

Valentines Day Gifts for all my single ladies

For most people, Valentine’s day is all about couples, love, romance, etc. However, some people like me and my friends think of valentine’s day as a get together to celebrate our friendship. After all, guys come and go but friends are forever. We know our BFFs since …

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Makeup Looks to Try this Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s day is almost here, and if you are one of those girls who love planning everything, you are going to like this post. By now you probably have your dinner reservations and gifts ready, all you have to think about is your outfit and makeup! For outfit inspirations check out this article on “ …

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What to wear on Valentine’s Day

Hello my dear ladies! With Valentine’s day approaching, it was about time to post some valentines day outfit ideas for that incredible date you’ll have with your lover. Whether you are going to an expensive dinner at a five stars hotel or to a cooking session with your boyfriend at his place, you need to …

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Quiz: What to get your Boyfriend for Valentine’s Day

Everyone knows what girls want. Flowers, chocolates, a fancy dinner at a lavish restaurant and of course, a nice set of earrings or jewelry. Unluckily, not every girl has a good time picking gifts for her boyfriend. Clothes are not an option and boys tend to be unpredictable so surprising them can be …

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White & Leather ft. SheIn

New year, new goals and of course, new clothes a my new white jacket!

Hello everyone! I really hope you had a great 2016 with your family and beloved ones. Many of you had a year to remember and even though some of you didn’t find 2016 as productive as you thought it …

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