Kylie Lip Kit Alternatives that won’t break your bank

The most wanted lipsticks of this past year 2016 are still the trendiest beauty product of this new year 2017. Kylie Cosmetics is adding more and more colors each day, and all we can do is be ready when the website launches their lipsticks or wait until they restock. However, not everyone is in the mood of waiting for the hottest lipstick ever, and they end up paying three times the price at another website.

If you are willing to pay more than $100 for a lipstick then go ahead and do it, but If you want to save a great amount of money and purchase high quality lipsticks for less than what you would pay for kylie lip kits, this article is for you! I’ve collected a list with long-lasting liquid lipsticks under $20 that could easily compete with the famous Kylie lip kits and you can find them all in one website — — isn’t that amazing?. Are you ready to learn more about the Kylie Lip kit twins? Let’s get started!


1) theBalm Meet Matt(e) Hughes – $8.99


2) Avene Couvrance Lipstick + Lip Liner In One – $19.24


3) Max Factor Lipfinity Long – Lasting Lipstick with Balm – $9.49


4) Brische Liquid Lipstick – $2.99

5) Lancome Lip Lover Liquid Lipstick – $14.29


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