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Introducing Shoenzy

Finding new websites that match my lifestyle and personal interests is one of the most exciting things I love doing in my spare time. When browsing on the web, there are several sites that seem to fit with your persona, but at the end you realize it isn’t what you wanted. Last week I was lucky to find Shoenzy, a social platform with the largest database of luxury shoes and bags in the world. You know I’m passionate about fashion, so this website was exactly what I’ve been yearning for in the last couple of years!


Shoenzy is a social portal with brilliant functions. Besides being a social network, you can shop luxury shoes and bags while you connect with people sharing the same interests you have! In other words, if you are a fashionista or someone who is really into fashion, you MUST join shoenzy! (Especially if you love designer’s shoes & bags) You will find the best deals and all the stores where you can purchase your product according to your location.

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How does Shoenzy work?

Joining shoenzy is super easy. First of all it is FREE. You can even log in from your facebook or google plus account which is even easier than signing up. Once you have created your profile on shoenzy, you can start browsing your favorite designers. You can even post a picture of a product you are wishing to get and ask other fashionistas what they think about the product.

I’m pretty sure this has happened to you: You have a special event and you don’t know what to wear, you are unconvinced about two different outfits, and even though you asked your best friend, she probably tells you that both options are ok. But guess what? You need a different answer, you need to know which outfit is more appropriate for the occasion, what colors will look better with your skin tone, and many other factors that our relatives or friends don’t even think about. Being able to ask someone who is on the same page is an amazing thing, and probably one of the elements I love the most about shoenzy.



Why Shoenzy?

You can even keep track of your wardrobe online, create wish lists and even blog about your #ootd! You can shop your favorite celebrity’s shoes too! I really can’t compare this app with any of the websites I’ve discovered lately, and that’s why I’m talking to you about this site. It really surpassed my expectations in every single way… I really want to invite you to check out this website, so go ahead and join Shoenzy through your Facebook and you’ll never regret you did it! You can also follow shoenzy on Instagram @shoenzy ๐Ÿ™‚ And to give you a better idea of what shoenzy is able to do, here is a great video that convinced me to create my shoenzy profile and I’m sure it will make you do it too! Don’t miss it!

Once you have created your profile, don’t forget to like mine hereย ๐Ÿ™‚ Till next post!


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