Coachella Beauty Packing List: Essentials for your crossbody

Music Festival time has arrived and the biggest music fest in the US started today! Yes, we are talking about Coachella. A month ago, I told you about my very first music fest experience at the Buku project in the city of New Orleans. Since my crew and I were inexperienced at the whole music fest atmosphere, we really didn’t know what to bring or what to expect so we kind of improvised which went surprisingly well, but we wished there was a guide we could have used, specially for the girls.

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I decided to write this article and help out all those girls who are going to Coachella for the first time to make sure they don’t forget some of the beauty essentials they will need in their crossbody or whatever they decide to bring to this 2-weekend event!

1. A month ago the weather was nice, so I didn’t have to worry about sunburn; but this isn’t the case for Coachella, so you will definitely need a sunscreen protector. Garnier Ambre Solaire Golden Protect is the perfect oil that protects your skin against the sun. It also comes in a convenient size for your purse.


2. Refresh your face and body with Vichy Eau Thermale. Besides setting up your make up, this thermal water will refresh your face and soothe irritated skin caused by the sun. To learn more about the benefits of thermal water click here.


3. Your hair needs to be revitalized too! Batiste Fragrance Original is an affordable and great dry shampoo that will keep your hair in shape during these agitated days.


4. Don’t forget to bring your InvisiBobble Traceless Hair Ring Hair boots. I prefer these hair rings than the traditional hair elastic bands because they firmly tie your hair the whole day without leaving traces or breaking your hair.


5. Wet Brush Squirts Happy Hair Brush will keep your hair in place.


6. Uriage Hygiène Hand Cream is a MUST in this list and I don’t need to tell you why ;)


7. Vichy Deodorant 48Hr Anti – Perspirant, No White Marks & Yellow Stains


8. Gillette Venus Disposable Razors  


9. Protect your lips with Piz Buin Lipstick Lip Balm. This product will keep your lips hydrated and protected from the sun.


10. Last but not least, bring your #ESLOVE with you! You need to smell good through this 2 weekend event ;) and since Eslove was pretty popular at Buku, I figured it needed to be in this list!

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Don’t forget to include your favorite lipstick, foundation powder, mascara and you’ll be ready! I hope this list was helpful and I invite you to check out my vlog on my first music fest experience at Buku fest… I promise you are gonna like it!

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