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10 Things moms need in their purse

Which are 10 things moms need in their purse?

Are you a newly mom or somehow a busy mom who always keeps forgetting to add stuff to your purse? Yes… I’ve been there and it almost took me four years to finally have my purse ready whenever I need to go out. For that reason …

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The most practical and stylish mom purses

Are you a mom in the search of the most stylish mom purses for this 2017?
This is your lucky day!

When we become moms, we tend to forget that dedicating time to ourselves is necessary. The baby bag becomes our main accessory and we start saying goodbye to all those …

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How to take care of your child’s sensitive skin

Kids’ major role in life is to expose themselves to the outside elements that harm their skin and body. Dirt, climate conditions, bugs and other factors can make your children’s skin dry and vulnerable to damage. As a mom, it is my job to look for the best ways to protect my daughter. When it …

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Maxi Skirts for the Holidays!

Holidays are coming soon! We are only eight days apart from Christmas Eve and nine days away from sharing and opening our presents! December is not only known for its holidays but also for all the events people plan for this month. Weddings, engagements, parties, new years, and other great events take place on December, …

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Bike Ride with Style

Welcome back moms! A few weeks ago, I shared a post on my style wearing something lil Em is wearing today! Do you remember what it is? Yesss, the headband! I’ve told you that sometimes it is hard to find stylish accesories for kids, specially girls, so you can go to an adult store and …

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Trick or Treat Special: Owl Mask

Welcome back everyone! I’m sorry I was away for almost a week but I’m back now and ready to post more ideas for you! Mommies, I told you I was going to help with your kids costume and I hope this post will make that promise happen lol. I thought about working on an accesory …

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Lace, Florals, Nature and more!

Sundays are always amusing until it starts raining lol. It is funny how the weather can change completely within five minutes. We were having a nice get together with food, music and a great sunny but cool weather, and suddenly the whole picture changed. But lets go back to the sunny hours we enjoyed lol. …

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Emme the explorer

Welcome back mommies! This time we were exploring a new spot where we could sit, chill and just stay for the day. I decided that a pair of boots were perfect for Emme because we were not sure about the place and it is better to prevent in these type of situations. She was very …

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Day at the Lake

Hello dear bloggers! Let me introduce you to baby Emme, my daughter. She is 2 years old and you’ll get to know more about her style on the following posts for my baby fashion section!
Styling my little girl is always challenging, specially because she is growing so fast, and that does not let …

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