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Coachella Beauty Packing List: Essentials for your crossbody

Music Festival time has arrived and the biggest music fest in the US started today! Yes, we are talking about Coachella. A month ago, I told you about my very first music fest experience at the Buku project in the city of New Orleans. Since my crew and I were inexperienced at the whole music fest atmosphere, we really didn’t know what to bring or what to expect so we kind of improvised which went surprisingly well, but we wished there was a guide we could have used, specially for the girls.

Victoria's best22

I decided to write this article and help out all those girls who are going to Coachella for the first time to make sure they don’t forget some of the beauty essentials they will need in their crossbody or whatever they decide to bring to this 2-weekend event!

1. A month ago the weather was nice, so I didn’t have to worry about sunburn; but this isn’t the case for Coachella, so you will definitely need a sunscreen protector. Garnier Ambre Solaire Golden Protect is the perfect oil that protects your skin against the sun. It also comes in a convenient size for your purse.


2. Refresh your face and body with Vichy Eau Thermale. Besides setting up your make up, this thermal water will refresh your face and soothe irritated skin caused by the sun. To learn more about the benefits of thermal water click here.


3. Your hair needs to be revitalized too! Batiste Fragrance Original is an affordable and great dry shampoo that will keep your hair in shape during these agitated days.


4. Don’t forget to bring your InvisiBobble Traceless Hair Ring Hair boots. I prefer these hair rings than the traditional hair elastic bands because they firmly tie your hair the whole day without leaving traces or breaking your hair.


5. Wet Brush Squirts Happy Hair Brush will keep your hair in place.


6. Uriage Hygiène Hand Cream is a MUST in this list and I don’t need to tell you why ;)


7. Vichy Deodorant 48Hr Anti – Perspirant, No White Marks & Yellow Stains


8. Gillette Venus Disposable Razors  


9. Protect your lips with Piz Buin Lipstick Lip Balm. This product will keep your lips hydrated and protected from the sun.


10. Last but not least, bring your #ESLOVE with you! You need to smell good through this 2 weekend event ;) and since Eslove was pretty popular at Buku, I figured it needed to be in this list!

Photo Mar 06, 8 36 31 AM

Don’t forget to include your favorite lipstick, foundation powder, mascara and you’ll be ready! I hope this list was helpful and I invite you to check out my vlog on my first music fest experience at Buku fest… I promise you are gonna like it!

Why are mermaid tail blankets so popular?

We all still remember our childhood; we remember the freedom of being young, and the imagination that came with it.  I know many of you still recall the famous movie The Little Mermaid, which began the mermaid trend in the late 80s, pushing through the 90s. For those of you who do not know, I am excited to say that the mermaid trend is back, and it is hotter than ever! There are many items available right at this moment relating to this trend, but there is now one item that is in fact flourishing the Internet! The new popular item to have is the mermaid tail blanket!


I know what some of you may be thinking, why are these blankets so popular? Well, I will tell you! These mermaid tail blankets are the best, and they are like no other. Remember yourself as that little girl, who wanted so badly to swim off with Ariel under the sea. These blankets will allow you to feel young again! You can squirm your feet into the fantasy of being a mermaid, while still feeling extremely warm and comfy in a soft hand knitted fabric. These mermaid blankets for women come in many fashionable colors, different sizes, and they look so pretty when wearing one.





Ladies, this hot item can be a great gift idea for your friends, your sisters, and even for the little girls that have the same mermaid obsession you once did! Finding where to buy one of these awesome new stylish blankets is not very hard. There are many of the best mermaid tail blankets available at Bed Bath and Beyond! You can also find a bunch of different mermaid blankets on Amazon at low prices! I now have a mermaid tail blanket, and I can honestly say that I will never want to use any other blanket! Ladies, do your selves a favor by going online, and purchasing the best mermaid tail blanket! I promise you, you will NOT regret it!

Photography by Pinterest


Written by Kacie Braud

Kacie Braud is currently attending to University of Louisiana. She is an English major with a minor in Broadcasting.


“My blog post was written as part of my collaboration with eBay.”


Between work, school and my personal life, dedicating time to my closet can be complicated. I’m usually a freak when it comes to organizing my wardrobe and planning new outfits for different occasions, but even when I come up with the most perfect schedule for each week, I always need help! Even people with a more flexible schedule need help finding products, so they usually ask me to assist them with their shopping needs.

I have some friends who work exclusively as personal shoppers. If I need a red dress for the next “Red Ballroom Dance” for example, they will look for dresses in different stores and find some options that would fit my style and personality and send me pictures so I can choose the “one”. However I have two issues with this strategy: my friends live in different cities/states & it probably takes them more than 1 day to find all those alternatives for me :(

Luckily for me and for all of you, I found the perfect solution to all of our problems: eBay ShopBot. This new app has become a life saver and my very personal shopping assistant, and all you need is Facebook messenger to start using it! Please don’t tell me you are not on Facebook because I won’t believe it lol. Every time I need to find a specific product, all I have to do is get on Facebook messenger and chat with eBay ShopBot. Let me tell you how it works so you can start taking advantage of this absolutely free shopping assistant!

1. First of all, download the Facebook messenger app for IOS or Android (If you plan to use ShopBot in your phone). You can also access Facebook messenger from your desktop computer by login into your Facebook account; or click this link and follow the steps described in the link. I personally like to use the Facebook messenger app from my Ipad because it is always more convenient and it has a bigger screen than my phone ;)

Photo Mar 26, 7 42 49 PM

2. Once you clicked on the link, it will redirect you to your Facebook messenger automatically and a conversation with Ebay ShopBot will be opened. To get started, all you have to do is chat with your personal shopper as if you were chatting with one of your friends (as easy as that) You can say hello or get started :)

Photo Mar 26, 6 49 20 PM (1)

If you are a first time user, eBay ShopBot will give you three options:

1) Chat

This option will let you ask eBay ShopBot what you are looking for, just type what you need and your personal shopper will find alternatives for you!

Photo Mar 26, 7 56 05 PM

eBay ShopBot will find products that match your budget, style and brand preferences!

Once you found something that matches your criteria and you want to keep looking for something else, simply type “stop” or “start over” and ask your personal shopping assistant for help once again.

2) Image Search

This option will allow you to send an image, just like if you were sending your friends pictures of last night ;) and eBay ShopBot will find results similar to your picture! You can use a picture you took with your phone or any picture fom Pinterest or the internet overall, just make sure the picture doesn;t have busy backgrounds so that eBay ShopBot can focus on a single product when looking for the best possible alternatives.

Photo Mar 26, 7 59 35 PM


3) Browse

When you type the word “browse”, eBay ShopBot will automatically put together collections of eBay’s best items so you can check out the best deals and products eBay has to offer.

Photo Mar 26, 8 03 13 PM

When you use your personal shopping assistant again, you can type in any word (I usually say “hello” or “hi” and he will ask you “what are you looking for” giving you 2 alternatives:

- Something specific

Photo Mar 26, 8 11 19 PM

- Inspiration

Photo Mar 26, 8 12 00 PM

Or you could type in the words previously mentioned before “chat”, “image search” and “browse and have the alternatives shown above.

Over time eBay ShopBot learns more about you & your style and will start to make suggestions. You can also create your own “size profile” and save sizes and then ShopBot will remember your sizes.

Instructions: Click ShopBot > Click Pofile > Click Size Profile and then customize

Once you start using eBay ShopBot, and get familiar with this new and “free” personal shopping assistant, I’m pretty sure you will never have more problems finding any product! So far, I’ve taken full advantage of my BFF #eBayShopBot and I already purchased a couple things I was looking for! I’ll show you some of them very soon in my social media! ;)

Don’t forget to tell me what you think about this new app in the comments below!





My first music fest experience with Buku 2017!

It’s been a week since I returned from my very first music fest in the city of New Orleans. The Buku Project was a life changing experience not only for me, but for every person who came with me. Buku Music + Art Project takes place in one of the happiest cities in the USA; also known for being a city with a high diversity of people, culture and music, and lets not forget jazz music was born in NOLA. To be honest, I was never really into music fests before because I didn’t know how much fun they are, I always wanted to live that experience but I hadn’t had the chance until last weekend :)


We started our journey on friday morning; without knowing what to expect, we were already excited. Once we walked into the event, our vision of music festivals completely changed . The Mardi Gras World was transformed into the perfect scenario with the magnificent view of the Mississippi River. With five different stages, food (including seafood ;) ), cute little shops,  and a proper space to express your feelings through art, Buku fest really had it all. It was interesting to meet so many people that travel around the world just to enjoy music fests and many of them expressed how amazed they were with the whole event. The organization was clearly doing a great job because there were no problems when it came to shows, or music, or anything else. I guess the only problem they had was the last minute cancellation of Young Thug, but that’s not really Buku’s fault.



Power Plant: Main Stage




These ladies would write a poem about anything!



Our #bukrew favorite spot

The lineup made it easy for me to make a decision about attending the Buku Project. It was the perfect combination of artists, from techno to rap and even alternative rock. I actually had the chance to interview three local artists in three differente genres. Don’t worry because all three interviews to Unicorn Fukr, Caddywhompus and Boogie T will be in my YouTube channel very soon, as well as the whole Buku experience! I’m currently preparing a Vlog because this article wasn’t enough to express how happy and grateful I am for all those unforgettable memories and experiences. If I had to choose my top favorite performances I would say Travis Scott, DeadMau5, Run the Jewels, Zhu and Cashmere Cats. But I honestly enjoyed all performances! I’m a bit sad I couldn’t listen to the artists I interviewed because I was waiting for them to finish their performance, but I’m sure there will be another time! I do not have pictures of Deadmau5 and I’m sorry about that, but I do have a lot of videos that will be in my VLOG ;)


A picture from my first interview with Unicorn Fukr



BUKU2017_0312_003248-5711_ALIVECOVERAGE (1)



And lets not forget about Buku Fashion!!!


My #ootd from Day 1 by Bluspero


My #ootd Day 2


My #bukrew 2017
Photo by DanceBreak




Fashion at Buku was amazing! People were so inspired by technology, culture and art that you could perceive their feelings through their outfits. I’m not sure if you remember but I gave away 2 tickets to the BUKU Project and I had the chance to meet the giveaway winners :) I was able to hang out with one of them for a bit which was a great experience because we both are in the same masters program and she was super cool (I shared a photo with her on my snapchat :) ) so I’m really glad she and her friend made it!!! I’m gonna leave you with the lineup so you can check out all the artists from this past edition and let me know who was your favorite! Now all I can say is Merci Buku! and I really hope to go back because so far that was the best weekend ever :) Don’t forget to follow my social media and be the first to know when my new VLOG comes out!



Priscilla and her bukrew

Spring Trend Alert: Florals & Nude

Hello everyone! We are already in March and a few weeks away from Spring… who is ready for this spring season? I know a lot of you are. Spring is one of the most popular seasons because it is colorful, weather is perfect and you have so many cute outfits to wear, all of them come in a huge variety of colors and prints! Some say florals are a statement for each spring season, so I wanted to show you this cute floral dress I recently purchased at SheIn :) It is perfect to rock the first days of spring.  This off-the-shoulder dress can be a great alternative for day light events such as cocktails, baby showers, etc.


Floral patterns combined with nude shades and pastels will be a spring trend this 2017! Talking about spring trends, this is that time of the year when music fests start so I wanted to share with you some exciting news.. I’ll be covering Buku Music Fest in New Orleans this upcoming weekend and I’ll give you guys all the exclusive images and videos about this amazing music and art project :) Don’t worry because I’ll also bring to you the best trends and fashion from this journey.. who is ready for fashion, music and art? ME and y’all! BTW, I’m giving away 2 tickets to Buku Fest in my Instagram account, so if you want to enjoy one of the coolest music fests in NOLA, don’t forget to visit my IG @priscillaeslo and participate! (Link to participate is below the pictures)







Photography by Brennon Fain

I was wearing

Dress: SheIn

Heels: Tobi

Choker: Asos

Bag: Nicole Lee



“Dreams can come true if you just dream about them”

“Soñar y cumplir tus sueños si es posible” 


It is finally time to tell everyone about a project that emerged a few months ago and already has a name: ESLOVE. I wanted to announce this plan since the beginning of 2017 but then I remembered that this perfume is an ode to love and Valentine’s day was the perfect date to launch my fragrance. Many will wonder, Why a perfume? I could have worked on any other project, but what is so special about this fragrance my team and I created? I personally think each essence is different, each person has a personality that makes him/her unique. Creating an aroma is identifying those elements that are part of each person, it is almost like connecting with our aura.

Having the possibility of sharing with all of you a smell that represents harmony, love and that freshness that makes me grow every day was an opportunity I had to take. Each person has a different smell and being able to create a fragrance that is compatible with human warmth and has a fresh and fruity essence was a huge challenge. My idea was to create an exquisite aroma for any woman, which not only provokes men but also helps women build confidence. In case you didn’t know #ESLOVE is available at an affordable price and it has that delicious aroma you will probably find in expensive fragrances.

ESLOVE was made from vanilla essence, citrus and oriental aromas such as amber, precious woods and Asian spices. Those who have tried it will tell you it is the new Chanel or Dior (hehe, I’m joking although that’s what I was told by my dear fellows blogger when they bought it) but there is something I can assure, #Eslove has a very fine and delicate aroma at a reasonable price. Best of all, my new perfume is available online and can be purchased from any country, so you do not have to worry about shipping ;)


Dreaming is easy but making your dreams come true is the hardest thing in this life, it can be difficult but not impossible. Many people might think everything comes easy for me because I do not show them all the hard work that leads to results; a couple of hours ago I was still working on this project and before that, I spend two days without sleep so I can be sharing with you this amazing project I’m very proud of. Fulfilling my goals has been extremely hard but working fills me with joy; I love creating things, learning and educating myself and above all, being able to share my experiences to help others achieve their goals. Even if you do not believe it, when I interact with each of my readers / followers, I know my job is worth it.

I was nervous to write and share this article because this is a surprise I worked a lot on, and I really hope you like it!!! I feel bad for the boys because I could not make a perfume for them, but look at the bright side guys, you will be able to give something special to your girlfriends this Vday! I do not want to have ya’ll reading a lot because I’m going to bore you but I  just want to say thank you so much to those who have supported me and still support me in this trajectory because if it wasn’t for you, I would not have even tried to work on this new phase that makes me happy and very eager to continue giving 200% in everything I do! Thanks to everyone and I hope all the girls can enjoy #ESLOVE because once you buy it, I can assure you will fall in love with this fragrance!


Finalmente llego el día en que puedo contarles a tod@s sobre este proyecto que surgió hace algunos meses y que ya tiene nombre, mi propio perfume titulado: ESLOVE. Quería anunciarles sobre este plan desde que inicio el año 2017 pero luego recordé que este perfume es una oda al amor y que mejor momento para lanzarlo que el propio día del amor y la amistad. Muchos se preguntaran, ¿Por qué un perfume? Pude haber trabajado en cualquier otro proyecto, pero ¿qué tiene de especial esta fragancia que con mucho trabajo mi equipo y yo creamos? Para mi, cada esencia es distinta, cada persona tiene una personalidad que la hace única, así como cada aroma te identifica. El crear un aroma es identificar aquellos elementos que forman parte de tu persona, es casi como encontrarnos con nuestra aura.

Tener la posibilidad de compartir con todos ustedes un aroma que representa armonía, amor y esa frescura que me hace seguir cada día fue una oportunidad a la que no podía decir que no. Cada persona tiene un olor diferente y el poder crear una fragancia que sea compatible con el calor humano y tenga una esencia frutal y fresca ha sido un gran desafío para mi. Mi idea fue crear un aroma exquisito para cualquier mujer, que no solo provoque pero que también llene a una mujer de confianza. Les informo que #ESLOVE esta disponible a un precio accesible para la mayoría de todas y es un perfume con un aroma delicioso que probablemente encuentren en fragancias costosas.

ESLOVE esta elaborado a base de esencia de vainilla, cítricos y aromas orientales como ámbar, maderas preciosas y especias asiáticas. Quienes lo han probado les dirán que es el nuevo Chanel o Dior (jeje, estoy bromeando aunque eso me dijeron mis queridas amigas blogueras que prueban fragancias a diario cuando lo compraron) pero si les puedo decir que #Eslove posee un aroma muy fino y delicado a un precio que todas pueden adquirir. Lo mejor de todo es que mi nuevo perfume esta disponible en linea y lo pueden comprar de cualquier país del mundo, así que no se preocupen por el shipping ;)


Soñar es fácil pero hacer que tus sueños se vuelvan realidad es lo mas dificil en esta vida, dificil pero no imposible. Muchos pensaran que todo es muy fácil porque no muestro todo el trabajo que lleva conseguir resultados, pero no hace un par de horas estuve trabajando y antes de eso pase dos días sin dormir para poder estar compartiendo con ustedes este gran proyecto que me llena de mucho orgullo. Soy testigo de lo dificil que ha sido poder cumplir mis metas pero trabajar me llena de mucho gozo porque me apasiona lo que hago, me encanta crear cosas, seguir aprendiendo y educándome y sobre todo poder compartir mis experiencias para que puedan servirle a otras personas. Aunque ustedes no lo crean, cuando interactúo con cada uno de mis lectores/seguidores siento que mi trabajo vale la pena y que cada vez me conecto mas con todos.

Estaba mega nerviosa de escribir y compartir este articulo porque es una sorpresa en la que he trabajado, que me ha costado muchisimo y que realmente espero les guste!!! Me siento mal por los chicos porque no pude hacer un perfume para hombres también, pero mírenlo del lado positivo, van a poder regalarle algo especial a sus novias! No quiero tenerlos leyendo mucho porque se me van a aburrir pero les agradezco muchisimo a todos los que han seguido apoyándome en esta trayectoria porque si no habría sido por ustedes, nisiquiera hubiera intentado trabajar en esta nueva etapa que me tiene muy feliz y con muchas ganas de seguir dando un 200% en todo! Mil gracias a todos y todas y espero que las chicas puedan disfrutar de #ESLOVE porque una vez que lo compren, les aseguro se enamoraran de esta fragancia!








Photograhy by Brennon Fain

Top Valentine’s Day gifts for your girls

Where are my single ladies?

For most people, Valentine’s day is all about couples, love, romance, etc. However, some people like me and my friends think of valentine’s day as a get together to celebrate our friendship. After all, guys come and go but friends are forever. We know our BFFs since we have memory and we also know how all girls love beauty and makeup (at least a huge majority of them).


One of the many traditions me and my girlfriends have for February 14th is to wear pink and give each other a special something while we grab a yummy lunch. Even though we know our friends better than we know ourselves, sometimes we are scared our gifts will not impress them enough. Fortunately for you, I worked on a list of top valentine’s day gifts for your girls to make sure you don’t disappoint them. Any item from this list will be a real surprise for your BFF!

Top 15 Valentine’s Day Gifts for your girls

1. Moschino Pink Bouquet Gift Sets


2. Phyto Subtil Elixir Nourishing Oil For Very Dry Hair


3.    Lancome Juicy Tubes Cosmetic Set II.


4.    Juicy Couture Viva La Juicy Eau De Parfum for Women


5.    Koto Parfums Hello Kitty Call Me princess Gift Set


6.    Nars Andy Warhol Cosmetic Set I.


7.    Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream Cosmetic Set X.


8.    Lancome Absolu Au Naturel Decorative Cosmetic Set


9.    Ziaja Olive Leaf Cleansing Oil For Dry and Sensitive Skin


10. Moschino Cheap & Chic Chic Petals Gift Set



All products available at


Makeup Looks to Try this Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s day is almost here, and if you are one of those girls who love planning everything, you are going to like this post. By now you probably have your dinner reservations and gifts ready, all you have to think about is your outfit and makeup! For outfit inspirations check out this article on “what to wear on valentine’s day“. As far as makeup, it is always easier to get your makeup done when you have some ideas. Since we want to make life easier for you, our mission in this post is to give you some inspiration for sexy and romantic makeup looks to try this Valentine’s Day. The best part is, we’ll provide you with the products you need to achieve each look! Isn’t that amazing?


Let’s get started!!!

  1. Sweet and Classy

This makeup look will make you look naturally pretty. Look for a shade that is similar to your skin tone and match it with a rose pink lip gloss for a fancy finish. Don’t forget to wear mascara for intense and powerful eyes.


Products used for this look:

Maybelline Watershine Gloss Lip Gloss

Brische Kit Profesional Eye Shadow Palette

Lumene Raspberry Mascara for Maximum Volume

FAB Brows Kit Perfect Look of Eyebrows in a Second

NYX Cosmetics Two Timer Eyeliner 2 In 1

  1. Smokey is the key

If you ran out of makeup ideas for your date, just go for Smokey eyes, you can never go wrong with this makeup look! All you need to know is the right technique (click here for a smokey eyes makeup tutorial) and a nude lipstick and you are all set!


Products used for this look:

Clinique Chubby Stick Intense Moisturizing Lipstick

Rimmel Glam´ Eyes HD Eye Shadow

Lancome Virtuose Mascara For Length And Curves

FAB Brows Kit Perfect Look of Eyebrows in a Second

Dermacol Bambi Black Long-Lasting Fix on Eyes

  1. Dark Romance

Red is the color of passion and Valentine’s Day is all about that! One of my favorite lipstick shades is burgundy (shade of red) specially if we match it with golden eye shadows in our eyes. This look is perfect for a date at a lavish restaurant – it is both fancy and gorgeous.


Products used for this look:

Revlon Cosmetics Super Lustrous High Gloss Lipstick

Collistar Double Effect Eye Shadow

Guerlain Maxi Lash Mascara For Volume

Rimmel Brow This Way Palette For Eyebrows Make – Up

NYX Cosmetics Two Timer Eyeliner 2 In 1

  1. Pink for Valentine’s

Pink makeup is a must in this list of valentine’s day makeup looks. Wearing pink in your eyes and lips will give you a soft and romantic look, ideal for a day date or even a night occasion, depending on your outfit.


Products used for this look:

Shiseido Lips Perfect Rouge Caring Lipstick

NYX Cosmetics Love in Paris Eye Shadow Palette With Applicator

Lumene Raspberry Mascara for Maximum Volume

Shiseido Eyes Natural Eyebrow pencil

Dermacol Bambi Black Long-Lasting Fix on Eyes

  1. Cherry Lips

Cherry lips are probably one of the most popular makeup looks for Valentine’s Day! How can we rule them out from this list? After all, they look great on all skin tones and there are so many brands you can choose from. You can match them with natural or shimmering eye shadow palettes.


Products used for this look:

theBalm Girls Lipstick

Shiseido Eyes Luminizing Satin Trio Eye Shadow

Helena Rubinstein Lash Queen Sexy Blacks Mascara For Length And Volume

Rimmel Brow This Way Palette For Eyebrows Make – Up

NYX Cosmetics Two Timer Eyeliner 2 In 1

What to wear on Valentine’s Day

Hello my dear ladies! With Valentine’s day approaching, it was about time to post some ideas for that incredible date you’ll have with your lover. Whether you are going to an expensive dinner at a five stars hotel or to a cooking session with your boyfriend at his place, you need to remember this day with a memorable outfit. Forget stereotypes and wear something you are comfortable with! Since not all of us share the same style or budget (especially this one lol), I came up with a list of dresses suitable for any possible date you could have, from something simple to an extravagant event, and the best part: a huge variety of prices!

G5D39286_pp (3)

Still don’t know what to wear on Valentine’s Day, here are your answers!

Quiz: What to get your Boyfriend for Valentine’s Day

Everyone knows what girls want. Flowers, chocolates, a fancy dinner at a lavish restaurant and of course, a nice set of earrings or jewelry. Unluckily, not every girl has a good time picking gifts for her boyfriend. Clothes are not an option and boys tend to be unpredictable so surprising them can be tricky. However, a group of dedicated and caring boyfriends helped us with this issue by explaining that one of the most wanted gifts for Valentine’s Day is an amusing fragrance.


As many of you know, Notino is one of the leaders delivering every possible perfume brand to all the USA at amazing prices and with fast shipping, therefore we decided to create a little quiz to find out what type of boyfriend you have and give you specific options on which fragrances you should get your boyfriend for Valentine’s Day!

Ready to start the quiz?

Check out your answers and find out the best perfumes for your guy!

1. The boy next door
Your boyfriend enjoys taking you out to a nice dinner while he admires the beauty in you. Sometimes he is a little bit shy and doesn’t tell you exactly what he needs, but his personality shows he’ll be thrilled with the following scent choices: Nautica Classic, Hugo Boss Hugo and Paco Rabanne Pour Homme
2. The Flirty Lover
Having fun together is what you and your boyfriend are good at. He will make you laugh all the time so you never have to worry about going out with him to boring events. This guy will surely love fragrances such as DunHill Icon Absolute, Mont Blanc Legend and Tom Ford Tobacco Vanille
3. Partners in Crime
You two are always connected whether you like it or no. You have a mature relationship that can’t be easily broken and enjoying others couples company is a new activity. You’ll drive your partner crazy with the following fragrances: Rasasi Tobaco Blaze, Dior Sauvage and Mancera Cedrat Boise